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Written by Dave Mora
On May 06 , 2008 for Daily Rants

FlipVideo on hand and I dig it!


Because I am a geek that enjoys trying gadgets. I am sometimes able to get a loaner to try for the weekend or a for a month.

I saw a FlipVideo and I could not belive the video samples online. They just looked too good. So, I sent an e-mail to PureDigital asking to see if they would be kind enoug to send me a loaner.

They replied with a very nice e-mail informing me that they do not do that. But, for what ever the reason is. In my mind I picture the person putting that nice e-mail together saying “HELLLLL NO” (in good fun)

I was lucky enought to find an open box at my local store for 50 dollars.

I am really enjoying this product. I would be very happy with it also if I would have paid the MSRP of 149.99. I love how quickly it turns on and of, that it uses 2 standard AA batteries, a simple red record button, built in USB arm to transfer the content to a computer, and it does well in low light environments.

Now list of items I do not like are very short. Is only 1 thing I hate about this product. I hate the fact it saves the record video as an AVI file. The new version of iMovie does not let you import AVI files. So, for it to say PC and MAC compatible annoys me. But, it does come with codec for you to view your files but you can’t edit it without the need of going out and getting a program to transcode it from AVI to a iMovie friendly format.

Besides that I enjoy the little gadget.

What I would love to see in their next generation is a slot for external slot. So I can transfer my recorded to an SD, MiniSD, MacroSD, or a usb thumbdrive to back up my recorded media with out the need of a computer.

I would also like them to have a higher resolution like 720 x something.

Finally an option to save the media file natively in a format that iMovie supports.

If they do those 3 things for me I would be more then happy to even pay 189.99 for it.

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