FireFox -Don’t believe the Hype-

For a while I felt that I was the only one that was not brained-washed by the FireFox Movement. I was happy to hear Kevin P from Attack of the Show feeling the same way.

Before you send me death treats please understand I am an Open Source Supporter and I am not employed by Microsoft. But, many of the things people say why the love FireFox make no sense.

For example:

FireFox is faster
As an avid internet surfer. FireFox has a hard time dealing with pages that embedded media. Also, many of the sites including the one’s I make don’t follow the W3C standard word for word. We take short cuts or make our pages in FrontPage. For that reason some sites don’t even load in FireFox.

People say “Well, their is a plug-in that opens IE for that site.” So, what is the point if you will still use IE.

FireFox is Safer
This is the most common overstatement. At least in my eyes. One of the things that automatically makes FireFox safer is that it does not support Active X. Their for all the Active X exploits do not apply to FireFox. But, is it that hard to go into the IE settings and unchecked support for Active X. I mean is faster to uncheck that then it is to download FireFox.

Last time I checked IE had less vulnerabilities then FireFox.

The key difference is that with IE you have to wait for MS to patch them up. With FireFox since it is open source project you just have to wait for someone to find a way to patch it and release the patch. So I can see the advantage their.

IE Plug-in
If you are willing to user FireFox and go out and look for all the plug-ins you will need to make it compatible with your surfing habits.

Why not try out SlimBrowser. That is what I used. Is a Shell type plug-in. That means, although SlimBrowser is its own browser it is based and needs IE installed. It runs off the IE engine.

SlimBrowser comes with Tab Browsing a must in today’s age. Built in RSS Reader, White-Black List Support, but my favorite that makes my surfing a lot better is the ability to save your username and password to sites. But, is more then just the username and password it saves the entries on a site like a form filler and when you click on the link it automatically types it in for you.

SlimBrowser has much more things and it also comes with Skins. Check out SlimBrowser I feel you will have the best of two worlds. FireFox functions but with the ability to navigate the internet with no additional plug-ins.

FireFox Key Role
Like I stated above I am not against a movement that is Open Source I just don’t believe the hype.

One of things that I like and feel will keep FireFox around for the years to come. Is the fact that is cross platform. That will enable them to have an audience regardless of what OS has the largest market.

Also, the community behind it has allowed good add-ons to be created. One main example is the FireFox on your USB Drive. Now you can take your PrOn links with you.

For FireFox to have a dominant takeover. Either web developers especially new ones that use FrontPage will need to understand the W3C standard as they are making their sites or FireFox needs to be more lenient as IE and have better support for Embedded Objects.