Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 24 , 2012 for Daily Rants

Fallen off the Wagon


Falling off the Wagon

So this week has been a great week. Multiple days at the Disneyland with the family but it has also been a hard week in trying to keep my “Don’t eat crap” plan.

My own body reminded me why eating healthy is better but darn it if those Churros didn’t win me over.

The week of eating unhealthy snacks is over and I never thought that I would be looking forward to yummy salads and ice cold water.

Watching Game of Thrones at work can get #awkward

One of the many perks of work is that I get to watch movies while I work. Recently, I have been enjoying HBOGo thanks to my Uverse subscription.

I know I am late to the “Game of Thrones” party. But, better late then never right?

I have heard how great this show was and I thought it was all hype. But, I am glad that it isn’t hype. The show is great. But, it does have a lot of nudity so it makes it #awkward to watch it at work.

Interesting Endorsements

I always find it interesting when companies use images from the internet for their advertisements and they end up using a celebrity image.

Dave Mora found Jim Parsons advertising

So, it was interested when “Jim Parsons” from shoe “The Big Bang Theory” endorsed a product for bald man. But, I am sure he didn’t and I am sure he did not get paid for such advertisement.

I wonder if I start faking celebrity endorsements for my blog how long it will take for someone to sue me.

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