Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 03 , 2012 for eUNKNOWN

Facebook Tip of the Day!


I hate those people App messages from friends.

I while back I wrote how you can start removing those spamming app posts from your so called friends that keep annoying your own private feed.

Well I thought it was time to maybe show those friends how they can help us all and avoid those app updates to even reach our message.

This should be the rule when you activate any Facebook app. Especially those annoying game ones.

When you click to install a Facebook App you are presented with a windows that that gives you an option to install it and who you want to see it.

When installing a facebook app. Always select your self!

If you notice to the left side you will see an option that reads “Who can see this post ….” by default “Friends” is selected.

This is where a simple change can make you a more likable friend.

Change it to Only Me.

If you want to do that with all the apps you have already installed. Head over to https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications and click on “Edit” and make the change.

Feel free to send this to those annoying friends and maybe they get the point 🙂

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