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Written by Dave Mora
On Mar 21 , 2013 for Daily Rants

This is the essence of sportsmanship


As a young child I was fortunate enough to be part of an organize sports team for two seasons.

I must of been between 7 or 8 years old and now as a 33 year old man I can honestly say that the limited exposure to the essence of what it was to be a team player was one of many things that influenced me in becoming who I am now.

So when I came across this video. It reminded me of the lessons that I walked away from playing organize sports and winning wasn’t even one of the lessons.

The big reason I got to even played was that the team was coached by a family friends uncle and our family friend took it upon him self to ensure I made it to every practice and every game. I was too young then to really appreciate him taking time out of his schedule and going out of his way to drive me to the games.

But, now that I am older I can appreciate it and will always be grateful for him giving his time. Because, giving people your time is the best gift and the truly the best way to show someone you care. Because, you can never take back the time back after you given it.

With the world full of hate – As confirmed by some of the comments on the youtube page where the video resides. It is still wonderful to see acts of kindness and the essence of sportsmanship by our youth.

(Because our youth are our future. So, It gives me hope that our future might be a little bit better)

I think for the most part. Some of the few parents that try to live their championship moments through their kids and make the game all about wins and bragging rights have ruined it for the most part. But, it’s moments like this and others that I have linked to or written about that reminds me that for a better future we must show our youth compassion and the idea of just being a good person.

That is something that as a parent I hope I am instilling on my kids.

I guess I wont know if I did a good job until I call them at 3 AM telling them I can’t find my car at the airport. Hopefully they would simply tell me to go back to the airport lobby have a drink and they will be over to help me find my car. If I did a crappy job they will probably give me a lecture how why I keep doing that.

For those wondering about my childhood sports career. I played soccer for the awesome team “The Sharks”. I still have the uniform that my son fits into it and sports it from time to time. I never lead in goals, assists, or was even a starting player. But, I made a goal when our team went into over time and we had to go into penalty kicks.

I don’t remember if my goal was the deciding factor of us winning or not. But, I like to think it was – so please don’t research it and tell me otherwise. LOL

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