Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 17 , 2006 for Count the typos & Daily Rants



I try not to read a lot of Fantasy books based on dragons, elvs, dwarves, and a kid who will destroy the bad eveil person at that end of the story.

For one reason or another I decided to pick up Eragon a few weeks back and I decide to read it. What I enjoyed about the book was that not so deep into that fantasy life it was an easy read. The only thing I kinda hated was the fact that 3 good chapters were followed by 7 boring ones.

The book left me angry because it ended on one for those 3 good chapters so now I have to pick up Eldest.

But, the book I picked up has still captures of the movie. And looking at the those pictures I can tell that the movie would make no justice to the book. I knew then what has been confirmed this weekend. That the movie looks like a straight to SCI-FI channel movie of the night.

Late night that is!

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