Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 23 , 2005 for Daily Rants

Ending the Year Right!


This may be the first year in a very long time that I feel is ending well. This is how I am ending my year.

1. I am a father now. My first child was born on September. She is a beauty. It could be I think she is because I am her dad. But, other people say the same thing. So, I am also proud to tell everyone ” I make good looking babies

2. I have a job I love. It is rare when I am part of a company where I am a piece of the puzzle and my actions directly affect the company. I am also bless with great co-workers and a kick ass boss. How many people can say that? Not. Many. I am lucky I can.

3. Finally people have order from my wishlist on Amazon. I remember setting this list up a very, very and very long time ago. One of my Co-Workers decided to order a movie I had listed. Now, I wish I would have kept updating it with the latest items I want. Maybee I would use this next year. Refer everyone I know to my wishlist. Also, 2 other co-workers gave me a 40.00 dollar certificate for Amazon.com so now I can buy a cd or something.

The only sad thing is that my father is back in the “Mother Land” I have not seen him one year and the holidays are not making it so good.

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