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Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 04 , 2008 for Political

Election Night History


In someones life their are few events that you get to experience that are really historic. Obama announced as a “President Elect” is one of those moments. So, when people look back to think what they were doing when the historic moment was announced. I can proudly say Blogging.

Obama wins and Dave Mora is happy

In my opinion the Internet was the viral tool that helped spread Obamas message of change.

Living in California I experience the Obama viral effect. But, living in California I still do not understand how Prop 8 has 400,000 more votes for Yes. I understand the need to keep the moral compas in check. But, when you try to force your view on everyone that is when you have to realized it is a wrong move. The nations founding fathers fled one country to have the freedom to believe in what they believe with out the fear of prosecution.

So how can Prop 8 even make it to the ballot? Have we forgotten why the pilgrims came here? Was it not just moments ago where woman got the right to vote? How can we still encourage hate and discrimination?

People can still be who they are and marry who they want with out lowering the value of my marriage and preventing me from teaching my children my core values.

Dave Mora says No on Prop 8

My dad once told me.

“Only God can pass judgement. The day you consider passing judgement is the day you see your self above God. Don’t ever let the day come when you think you are at God’s level.”

Till this day that has stuck with me.

I end this post with the hope what when I wake up tomorrow morning Obama is still the President Elect and Prop 8 is a big “NO“.

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