EA Sucks

So now that I got some sleep let me finish what I started last night.

I hate EA for the simple fact they have become the Bad Big Brother everyone hates. When I say everyone I mean mostly me.

They were able to get an exclusive license agreement from the NFL. What that means is that for the next few years EA will be the only company making football games that have real players, real stadiums, and real stats.

Don’t get me wrong it was a good business plan. But, it will hurt me the conumer at the end. I mean I love my NFL2k from the start. I got may Dreamcast for that game. Even last year the NFL2k that became ESPN was a better game then Madden.

The problem I have with Madden is that I an have the worse team and still through 30 yard passes and have an average scoring of 70+ points per game. And that is with 5 minute quarters.

The Sega Sports are harder and have a better game play.

So, I was driving home last night and I was wondering what the hell are all this kids doing out on the street at 9 PM then I reliazed it was Halloween. How old am I that I forgot about Halloween or that my plans for that evening was to watch my Football game my TiVo recorded and catch up on my work.

I remember many years ago I lived for Halloween. What other time will strangers give you candy. The best part was the day after. Taking all your candy to school and trading with people for candy you really liked.

Time Change
So I am still confuse on what time it is. I think I am moving to Arizona so I dont have to deal with the time changes.