Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 13 , 2004 for Daily Rants

Down with the A03


If it is not one thing its another. So after finally getting a new monitor I started to use my Desktop/Server system. I got an .IMG file for a “Public Domain Movie” that I wanted to burn with my DVD-R burner that I got many years ago. After Many Coasters my burner no does not read disk. I bought the Pioneer DVR-A03 for $499.99 many years ago. The sad thing is that you can get them on eBAY for about $25.00 dollars. I never really go to use to make DVD Movies I mostly used it to back up my data.

Recently my friend showed me a simple all in 1 solution to back up my movies to DVD. So, I began to do so.

But, then my drive stop burning or even formating my DVD-RW’s. Last night it even stopped reading disks. I think it was a program that I installed the added a virtual drive the caused the issue. So, tonight when I get home I will have to look into that.

[That is not a Solution]

So, after telling my girl about the DVD-RW issue. I told her I might have to reinstall the OS. she reminded me that formating and reinstalling is not the solution. I always go on rants when a “Computer Tech” resolves issues by reinstalling the OS. To me that is never a real solution just a bandage when you don’t want to deal with the problem. I guess for a brief moment that is what I wanted to do. Format and Reinstall and not really find out what I did to cause the problem.

But, then I wont be the computer geek that I am I will just be another useless “Computer Tech”.

[X-mas o may]

So one more weekend for x-mas shopping. Still have not even looked at my list. [blah]

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