Written by Dave Mora
On Sep 08 , 2008 for DMS on Location

DMS-onLocation with Mr. Mediocre Films


I am addicted to YouTube as much as I am addicted to Twitter. So, it is rare when I learn about a YouTube show outside the internet. Many weeks ago I was listening to the local morning radio show “Kevin and Bean” on the World famous Kroq and they had Greg Benson from Mediocre Films.

Their recent YouTube web series is “Retarded Policeman“. Although it looks like they are getting alot of Hate mail because of the content. I, like the other million viewers enjoy the web series.

Greg Benson was kind enough to answer some of my questions when I saw him at the New Media Expo in Vegas.

You can check out the “Retarded Policeman” web series here. Also, check out “The Guild” a web series that starts Felicia Day.

You can also follow them all on twitter at:

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