Written by Dave Mora
On May 10 , 2008 for DMS on Location

DMS-onLocation with Leo Laporte


While in San Francisco I made my way to KGO Live where I was able to bug Leo to answer some questions.

He talks about some challenges in putting together his new studio, Bricking Henry’s cellphone for at least a day, and some words of wisdom for me to have patience and wait for the masses of fans to discover me.

So check out Leo’s blog at leoville.com, His awesome content at twit.tv and now his live video stream at twitlive.tv

You can follow him on twittter at twitter.com/leolaporte

Also, you can follow me at twitter.com/davemora

On a Side note I am still trying to find the best settings to transcode the video so they look better on sites like Viddler and YouTube if you know let me know.

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