Written by Dave Mora
On Jun 16 , 2008 for DMS Giveaways

DMS Giveaways Edition Episode 6


Welcome to the official place to participate for the Dave Mora Show Giveaways. This week I announce the winner of the $100 giftcard from Circuit City.

This week you can some Blu-Ray DVD’s and the best Blu-Ray Player on the Market the Sony PS3. The PS3 also plays games and you will get Grand Theft Auto 4

All you need to do is enter a comment, your name, and your e-mail address.

Nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and no useless sign up scams. Simply follow the instructions below.

Legal Jargon: Dave Mora, Dave Mora Inc. employees
and their family members are not eligable to win anything. Multiple comments will only count as one entry.

Update: You only need to do step one to have a chance to win.

Step 1.
Leave a comment on this page for this prize with your name and e-mail address. Your e-mail will never be given out we will guard it with our lives.

Optional and Most Appreciated opions are:

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here OR our Viddler group here.

You can either add Dave Mora as a friend on Pownce OR Follow him on Twitter (@davemora) OR add him as a contact on Jaiku OR add his FaceBook account.

Good Luck!!!!!!!

Also, as much as I would like to make this a weekly giveaway that decision has not been made. It all depends on the amount of people that participate. The more pople that participate the quicker we can give the prizes away and move on to the next item. As of right now. We are considering it a 2 week thing. So, let your friends know.

If you like what I do why not help me get to PodCamp3 you can do by donating some change to me by following this link [ DONATE AND GET ME TO PITTSBURGH ]

Thank you in advise if you donated.

If you liked what you saw after the credits and would like to share just that part you can share this link to people [ http://www.viddler.com/explore/davemora/videos/32/263.474/ ]

See Typos?
Be my grammar cop.
E-mail me the corrections at [typo@eunknown.org]
To get an explanation about my typos Read Here.
Also, if you see broken images please let me know.

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    • Lisa

      Cool man this is a great website. If u give lots nice stuff man u gonna go broke dog. Well any ways u must be super rich i mean like couple billion dollars? well hope ya don’t go broke…. hope i win!!!!!!!

    • Bridget

      Man I hope I win. You must be a very genorous person to give out a PS3. I’m only 14 and its way too expensive for me to afford.

    • Scott Stern

      Playstation3 80gig please be mine 😉

    • Rowena C.

      I hope to win this so my 3 kids will stop bothering me about it! lol TY for the contest.

    • Just a reminder we do have systems set in place to keep this fair.

      Good Luck to everyone,

      [This comment does not count as an Entrie, this is just a message comment.

    • Bill W.

      Thanks for the chance to win something this cool!

    • Baily L.


    • Michael Davis

      Dave you have a really useful site with no flluff and great giveaways. Hope I win!

    • Allan Rogers

      This may be the best giveaway on the net! thank you!

    • John Allen

      Hey Dave,

      Like your stuff. Will keep following you. Keep up the great work and good luck.

    • Ble-Ble

      Man I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLY hope i win because a 80gb PS3, blu-ray movies, and GTA4 …. I.. I… *Sniff* *Sniff* Oh God, just give me a moment. I hope win

    • hey dave i cant believe your giving a ps3 away.

    • I was turned onto you by Leo Laporte, and love the fact that the net has allowed people to create and distibute things so easily. (and by easily, I mean, not really easy, but accessable) Of course creating interesting content conistently is the key, and your doing a bang-up job!
      Enjoy the Twitter postings as well!


    • Liam N

      Hey like what your doing hope i win thanx

    • paul Buchanan

      Hey Dave , watch out for additive 211 in coke, they say it affects your DNA???

    • paul Buchanan

      Hey there Dave , What out for additive 211 in coke??.

    • jacob

      hi i’m 14. my name is jacob wallin. how could you just give this stuff away? any other person would be greedy and keep the stuff. why did you decid to give things away? do you get the stuff for free? i would do any thing for the ps3. it is way to much $ for me to buy. man i hope i win that would make my life better!!! i will cross my finger to hope that i win.

    • I give away stuff because I care. LOL

      The truth I happend to meet some people that have donated the stuff so far. I am still waiting for BMW to call and donate a car to giveaway and then have another company that taxes on it. So, the winner does not have to sell it just to pay the taxes on it. (hehehe)

      But, lets see what happens.

      Thank you all for visiting my little section on the internet and participating.

      – Dave Mora

    • Andres Yerena

      do u like to give away all this stuff or do u just do it for some reason…well have a great summer

    • I’m always on your blog from work. That is how i roll.

    • Sandy D.

      this is going to be a nice addition to my entertainment unit! (hoping, hoping, hoping) thank you for giving us all a chance to win!

    • Gisela

      Really cool giveaway!

    • EiderV

      This is too crazy guy! Giving away free stuff. Sweet bro! I am one of luckiest guys to have found your site. Oh and the cola part of the video is way too funny. Thanks for giving us the chance to win something.

    • Miss J

      to pick me out of a hat, what are the chances? this giveaway is nutz! share some love for a fellow angeleno 😉

    • Hey Danny, thans for taking the time to check out my little interweb.

      I was an HD supporter at the time HD-DVD had more features the Blu-Ray. So, now then they are no more. I will be getting a PS3. Believe me I was trying to get two PS3 one to give away and one to keep as a “Demo” but it did not work out that way.

      Also, Zadi that is so awesome of you to want to give the prize to Walt incase you win. I will let him know 🙂

      Good luck to everyone who has entered and remember to let your friends know.

    • Zadi

      haha i’ve been waiting for someone to do a Gary Vaynerchuk impression, that was hilarious!
      ok, i saw your plurk, so if i happen to win, i’d like to give it to Walt Ribeiro – a good way to pay for my music lessons. 🙂

      Zadi (from London)

    • Why are you giving away a PS3, if you still have a Gen1 BluRay Player?

      Im still surfing your site its big, your a video blog star.

    • Gary DeWitt

      42″ HD TV coming home soon. Playstation 3 and TV…..what a sweet combination that would be.

    • Michael K

      I can’t believe you are giving away such great freebies for just comments! that is so awesome! I hope I win… I hope I win!

    • Sherry C.

      WOW I can’t believe you are giving away such great prizes! thanks for doing that!
      you rock!

    • Michael Sage

      Hey Dave GREAT giveaway segment! Thanks so much for giving us all a little chance to win something big and fun!

    • alliedforces

      Cool…Leo interview was great…Keep up the good work…

    • Tak

      awww yeah….jeez dave…you’re rockin it man…crossing major fingers!!

    • I think that not having to pay for a PS3 in the first place makes up for the money spent on electricity and air conditioning for it. Isn’t the thing a 600 watt space heater?

    • Bradford C

      I’ve been saving up. But I guess it can go toward somethin else.

    • It would be nice to finally have a PS3! 😀

    • Did someone say free?? Sniff… sniff…

      (p.s.) don’t forget to follow @arronlorenz back


    • The ps3 is easily the best console and blu ray player. I wish I owned one. Perhaps when I save some pennies.

    • Amanda B

      I wanna PS3!!

    • Yulier

      Hey sup Dave, I subscribed over at youtube. I’d really like this PS3. Thank You ,and take care.

    • Kevin W

      I love my xbox360 but a PS3 would be nice as a blu-ray player.

    • dominic0313

      I have been trying to get my hands on a playstation 3 since this past christmas and I always wanted a 80GB model. I got to win.

    • BBx

      I wanna win this week’s prize!! 🙂 Woohoo!!

    • Stacy Wright

      I haven’t won anything in a while…..wink..wink!…I’m just kiddin…unless I won…no for real I’m just kiddin…unless I’m the winner of course!

    • whoa, free stuff.

    • Dave, you’re crazy… O_O

    • Hey I accidently used the name MDSanta in my comments last time, I actually meant to use Doug C. Can this be corrected? };o)

      [ Edited to add this disclaimer. MDSanta was just being funny! Thank you from Management ]

    • Paul

      Yo, Dave. What’s crackin?
      I hope I win, but in any case, good luck to everybody!

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