Written by Dave Mora
On Apr 25 , 2008 for DMS Giveaways

DMS Giveaways Edition Episode 2


Welcome to the official place to participate for the DaveMora Show Giveaways. This week we will be giving away an AppleTV. Nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and no useless sign up scams. Simply follow the instructions below.

Legal Jargon: Dave Mora, Dave Mora Inc. employees
and their family members are not eligable to win anything. Multiple comments will only count as one entry.

Update: You only need to do step one to have a chance to win.

Step 1.
Leave a comment on this page for this prize with your name and e-mail address. Your e-mail will never be given out we will guard it with our lives.

Optional and Most Appreciated opions are:

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here OR our Viddler group here.

You can either add Dave Mora as a friend on Pownce OR Follow him on Twitter (@davemora) OR add him as a contact on Jaiku OR add his FaceBook account.

Good Luck!!!!!!!

Also, as much as I would like to make this a weekly giveaway that decision has not been made. It all depends on the amount of people that participate. The more pople that participate the quicker we can give the prizes away and move on to the next item. As of right now. We are considering it a 2 week thing. So, let your friends know. If we get 100 entries by this Friday we will pick a winner on Saturday.

See Typos?
Be my grammar cop.
E-mail me the corrections at [typo@eunknown.org]
To get an explanation about my typos Read Here.
Also, if you see broken images please let me know.

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    • Michael Sage

      your page is awesome and so are the giveaways!!!

      Daddy needs a new apple TV !!!!!! lol!

    • Hey Dave, Nice to meet you today at the KGO event, looking forward to your interview from today 🙂

    • I have wanted an AppleTV since their release. And, of course, I’ll join the Viddler group!!

    • I left an email at davemora.com/giveaways on the IE article. But I thought I?d add my hat here too.

    • hey Dave. Interesting site which I found via cdevroe. Apple TV sounds good to me.

    • Pretty nice! Thanks for doing this!

      By the way, Tanja Barnes got me to come here, so if she wins, I expect her to invite me over to watch her AppleTV! 🙂

    • I barely saw the tweet and here I am! I think it’s so crazy how you’re giving this stuff away. As a broke college student, I’d like to thank you for this opportunity haha! Keep it up.

    • ismael

      i hope i win the apple tv!!
      ps i told niko about this giveaway, hahaha he comes to my house like evreyday

    • niko

      sick site man

    • kurt

      I always wanted an apple tv too… but brad doesnt usually share. He is a stingy bastard.

    • Darrin

      An apple TV would be very nice. Good luck to all and thanks Dave for offering this. Much appreciated.

    • Juan Martinez

      I would love an apple tv and thank you for having this giveaway thing.

    • Dave Mora

      Joe Chung I thought I started with a big bang. But, only 1 person entered and so he had a 100 percent change. Awesome for him sad for me (lol) but I am happy to see more people are participating for this giveaway. Maybe people would rather have an AppleTv then Photoshop.

      If I get a big turn out I might keep it as a weekly drawing if not it will be every two weeks. So, tell your friends people.

      Also, T.Barnes thanks for the Video Comment. We enjoy video comments 🙂

      Good luck to everyone!

    • I see some big plans for you, Mr. Dave Mora. Some big plans. And great way to kick it off. With Adobe CS3? And now an AppleTV? ha you do this right, and I believe you’ll be starting your own little empire 🙂 g’luck with your endeavors!

    • brad

      I always wanted an apple tv..

    • [viddler_video=444a2b45]

    • Hey Dave, all I have to do to get the AppleTV is leave a comment? That’s it? I hope I got this right!

    • Michael Sage

      your page is awesome and so are the giveaways!!!

      Daddy needs a new apple TV !!!!!! lol!

    • woah i want one ;D

    • Awesome site Dave.

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