DMS Giveaways Edition Episode 1

Welcome to the official place to participate for the DaveMoraShow Giveaways. This week we will be giving away Adobe Photoshop CS3. The winner picks either the Windows or Mac version. Nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and no useless sign up scams. Simply follow the instructions below.

Legal Jargon: Dave Mora, Dave Mora Inc. employees
and their family members are not eligable to win anything.

Now here are the simple steps you need to do to participate and a chance to win.

Step 1.
You must subscribe to our YouTube channel here OR our Viddler group here.

Step 2.
You can either add Dave Mora as a friend on Pownce OR Follow him on Twitter (@davemora) OR add him as a contact on Jaiku OR add him as a friend on

Good Luck!!!!!!!