Written by Dave Mora
On May 22 , 2008 for DMS Ask Dave

DMS AskDave? Edition Episode 4


This week I got 2 e-mails. But, first I just want to remind people that along with my useless content that I make. I can also produce some useless answers. With that said here are the questions.

Abid wants to know how I create the cool text effects. I am currently using iMovie for the Apple Mac.

Then Tak wants to know about transcoding to different systems. I use Handbrake. Check out HandBrake.fr

If you have a better way to transcode videos please let me know or leave a comment.

So that does it for this Edition of AskDave?

If Have a question or an insult e-mail us directly at askdave@eunknown.org

See Typos?
Be my grammar cop.
E-mail me the corrections at [typo@eunknown.org]
To get an explanation about my typos Read Here.
Also, if you see broken images please let me know.

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