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Written by Dave Mora
On May 16 , 2008 for DMS Ask Dave

DMS AskDave? Edition Episode 3


This week I got 2 e-mails. But, first I just want to remind people that along with my useless content that I make. I can also produce some useless answers. With that said here are the questions.

Tanja Barnes from tells us about a video she captured with QuickTimePro. Although the view finder showed the “Talent” well centered at playback the video appeared to be chopped off.

The only information I found was to check the playback software. It could be a setting that is zooming in on the video file. You can try another play back software like VideoOnLan if the video appears chopped off that means it was transcoded with this error and you are out of luck. You may be forced to re-record the video.

As you can tell by the videos I am putting together I am in no way a Video Guru. So, if you have the solution please leave a comment or e-mail us.

The second question is an awersome question because I have the answer. In the second e-mail someone is locked out of gmail because at their job the upgraded to IE with ActiveX disabled. Usually this would not be a problem a Gmail has an HTML version for this person has their domain hosted with Gmail. So, when they press the HTML link provided to them it takes them to

Well in this case since they are using something like all they need to do is add the following to the URL.


So, in this care the full URL should be something like

So that does it for this Edition of AskDave?

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