Death is tragic but your actions made it sad.

The death of Amy Winehouse is tragic and sad but not for the reasons you might think. I typically do not write a post or comment on a death of a celebraty I have no direct relationship with. But, Amy Winehouse was one of the few celebraties that I felt soul in her music and one of the few artist that seemed to be on every playlist and on every device I own.

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The news of her death starting filling up my social streams and a sadness came over me. I was sad because someone never willingly chooses to be have their life overwhelmed by drugs. I am no expert (I will leave the expert talk to Dr. Drew) but I speak from my own life experience. We all have inner demons that we have to deal with. Some find a substance that allows the pain to hurt less and offer the ability to get lost in a place where you don’t have to deal with the true cause of that pain.

Her death is tragic and sad because of how the majority of the people process the her death.

Many people are quick to forget she was a human being and brush her death off as a “crackhead who got what she deserved“.

I am sadden by those who assume that an addiction problem makes you less valuable as a human being. Every post I come across the internet regarding her death contains comments from other strangers calling her a “crackhead”, “she got what she deserved”, or “waste of a life”.

Everyone has the right to their opinion. Although I disagree with their opinion that is not the source of why I am writing this.

I write this because at what point do we stop seeing people as human beings?

I know it is unrealistic for me to want everyone on earth to care for each other. But, I do want a better world for my children.

My journey in life has taken me to see the journey of someone who is lost to the world of addiction and someone who started a new journey after hitting rock botton. But, all the success stories I know come from having people that did not see an addict but instead saw a person that needed help.

Her death is tragic to me because in todays age help is available. Her death is sad to me because I feel as a society we failed her, those before her, and sadly those after her. Because when when our first comment from hearing the news of someone passing is “well I am not surprise” or “I expected it” means to me that we failed to extend a helping hand.

I understand my view on her death consist of an issue beyond her death but the reaction of people is what prompted me to write this post.

So, as most of the internet commenters have selected to remember Amy Winehouse as an addict that killed her self. I choose to remember her as a talented singer that we failed to help her.