Written by Dave Mora
On Apr 04 , 2005 for Daily Rants

Days off Suck


Days off suck.

Well my projects are over and I hate it because my mind starts turning into mush. The next project is BFGmagazine.com. So, now I just sit here and repeating over and over the hidden song from GreenDay�s Dookie album.

No one was looking.

When I am home working on projects on go on the Internet. I get to use my Wife�s computer. My Wife has am iMac . Although to me it looks like a lamp and I call it the iMac Lamp. I still find it odd how people will say the Apple Sucks or Windows Sucks. I use them all and I like them all.

Recently my girlâÂ?Â?s iMac Lamp has spoiled me with the 20″ widescreen display. The display is so sharp and the widescreen really helps me when I am coding away. It is large enough I can code and surf the web at the same time. So, when I go into my office and use my PC with my 17″ monitor I feel I have just downgraded my self. So, I did what any geek would do in my situation. I installed Windows on the iMac for the tools I use that only work on windows. Since Mac OS X is Linux Based I can still use my tools like Vi to code away and SSH into the servers I need to SSH into.

That is why I am thinking that my next laptop will be a MAC but I know me it will be a decked out Mac that will cost me 4,000 bucks. So, I rather not even think about ordering one. 🙂

Wow, I think I been blabbing on for a while. I guess that is what happens when you have one to tell you. Shut it.

So, I might go watch Sin City.
I will let you guys know if I did.

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