Written by Dave Mora
On Jan 02 , 2013 for MeToday / Daily

My first day of 2013


I am not sure how 2013 will end. But, I know how 2013 started. After a 10 day winter / holiday break from work. I am back to the daily grind.

I hadn’t had a week off for over a year and I hadn’t really had a holiday break for over 7 years. Spending the amount of time I did this time around with my family has tough me so much and reinforced others.

It reinforced the idea that I knew two years ago. That any job that forces me to pick work over spending time with my kids is a job not worth having. I remember the days where my kids would wait to open presents or wait for serve the turkey until I got home was the norm.

When 2011 ended a lot of things were up in the air. I began the search for a new job that revolved around me and my lifestyle. When 2012 started – I had found the job that currently allows me to spend more time with my family. Spending the holiday break with the family has ensured me I made the right choice back in 2011.

Although I started my first day of 2013 applying for a new type of job. I know 2013 will bring new positive changes and also some new interesting challenges that I am looking to overcome.

So, while everyone starts the year with so called “Resolutions” – I just have a simple resolution and that is “Do More” – especially do more when it comes to my kids. This week I was reminded on how much of a handful it could be dealing with my two kids and how lucky I am that my wife can easily get them ready for school in a fraction of a time it takes me to get them ready. But, I will do more so that she can do less and possibly get to enjoy more time on things she enjoys doing like Music Production.

If any of you have a connection with a SPA in Los Angeles please feel free to let me know. I would like to surprise my wife with a trip to a SPA.

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    • Hmm – I just got around view my own site and saw your post. Well as you know now. I did make it to NMX. It was great to finally re-meet you again. I will check out Glen Ivy now. Thanks for the Tip.

      Hope you enjoyed CES.

    • Hey buddy, thanks for stopping by!!! I really like your resolution of “do more” that’s a really good one that I think I’ll incorporate into my daily life as well. Have you tried Living Social or Groupon for deals on spas? I just bought one today that saved me over $250 for a facial, massage, etc. And since you’re in LA, you should check out Glen Ivy. When I lived there, me and my friends would go at least once every other month. I’m sure your wifey will love it!!! Happy New Year!!! Oh btw, are you going to NMX or CES this year?

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