Daughter and Dad Day!

I try to help the misses as much as I can when it comes to taking care of the baby. I know I could do more. Like not me so grouchy when is my turn to wake up at night and attend to the baby.

I have yet had the opportunity to spend a whole day with my daughter. I mean even on my days off the misses have been their to take care of the baby. I was more like the assistant.

This Saturday is different. The misses went out with the family after I convinced her to go.

I was expecting to be running through out the house like a headless chicken when the baby cried. But, I was fortunate enough that I had to go 2 stores.

In the morning the baby behaived. She was quite and did not fuzz. We even spend time making faces to each other.

I fed the baby and took her for a very long car ride. We went stop by some stores where I had to return, purchade, and exchange items.

By the time we came back it it was 4 hours later and she had slept most of the time.

The Cry:
By 5 pm she has been up and began to cry. I checked all the usual things and she still cried. Most people would tell me to just feed her. But, we have her on a eating schedule already she was 1 hour away from eating. For what ever reason holding her while I walk through the house made calmed her down. So I spend the next 60 minutes walking through the house until it came time to feed her.

Once she ate she was calmed and we went back to making funny faces and me talking to her. Although I know she is too young she seemed to try and mimic my words. I would tell her “I lover you” and she would make 3 sylable sounding sounds that sounded like “I love you”. I know that 99.99 percent of that expecience is just in my head but I guess is one of the things parents do.

The only thing I kinda witch was that it was Sunday and they air the Bengals game. Then my daughter and I would have been watching the game together.