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Written by Dave Mora
On Sep 03 , 2013 for Daily Rants

You might see cuteness. I see the end of humanity.


So this video hit my Facebook Timeline and it was basically of someone being told that the user was taking a picture but in fact they were taking a video.

Now the uploaded of the video uploaded the video as public and decided to share with the world. I am properly sharing this video so when the user decided to make it private or share it only to her FB friends the video will stop playing on here.

So why do I see this is the end of humanity?

When I see someone as young as this girl appears to be using the F word and the people around her encouraging such actions. It just makes me sad to that large number of generations are growing up thinking that acting a fool is the right way to act.

Bad kids grow up to be bad youths that in turn end up having kids and their kids end up growing up being even worse kids. Since they fail to have the proper parenting skills because their kids parents failed them as a parent.

The same parents who are now wondering where they went wrong with their kids who are now 13, aggressive, without a care for others. Some how failed to remember when they were teaching their kids how to say F you, allowing them to play GTA at the age of 5, and let them watch TV for hours instead of sitting down with them to color or go for a walk.

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