Credit Card Fraud

So, I have never been a victim of Identity Theft . I hope I never will be. But, last night the Misses and I were at Borders and I handed my Credit Card to the cashier.

The guy replied with “Sir, your card was declined”. I was like hmm that is odd so the misses handed him her card and she paid for the books. So, on the ride home I kept wondering why it was declined. Is not like I have been using the card and forget where my line of credit was. I got home and checked my account online and it was okay. Their was 1 charge of 164.00 that was pending with no description but I figured it was an automatic payment like my cell phone bill. I decided to wait until that charge posted to see what it was. But, I did have money in the account. More then enough. I have a few thousand well enough to cover the charge of the book. So, I though nothing of it and went to sleep.

So, this morning. I got a call on cell phone from [CenSoReD] Bank. It was their Fraud Department. They wanted to ask me about some charges on my account. They asked me if I had my card with me. I answered with yes. Then they asked about some charges. The first 3 I recognize and informed it it was me. Then they ask me about Borders and I asked them yest that was me and it was declined. Then they ask about about some gas stations and a hotel that is when it got interested.

They asked me if I had given my card to someone to use I was like nope.

Then they made the statement my card was being used in New York at multiple gas stations and a hotel.


So, my card had to be cancel and a new one is on the way.

Now how could this happen. The answer is easy. Either a website I order from was compromised and my credit card information was put on a fake credit card or someone swiped it on a strip reader then wrote it on a fake credit card.

Since I have not used this card to place orders on online. Most likely it was from a waitress or store clerk.

Well at least I know why the card was declined. The misses though it was my way of not having to pay for something I offered to pay for. (LOL)

I just hope this does not become a normal thing in my life where people will try to commit fraud on my accounts.

– Good Times I tell you!