The end of @ChapinGeek with DMS-GiveawaysGT (The Long Story)

Dave the end of Chapingeek

I have always followed, talked, and shared ideas with people all over the globe. But, prior to twitter having lists and the update they made with @mentions. My followers had to deal with the large amount of irrelevant messages filling up their time lines. To make my public twitter timeline more enjoyable I decided to have separate accounts for the different regions I used it for.

Although the Twitter List limit of 500 is still a limit that forces me to create multiple lists. Overall the recent changes Twitter has made has enable me to concentrate on using a single account. I no longer have a need for multiple accounts.

So today I decided to end the last “additional” account I had. @chapingeek was set up when I discovered a lot of geeks in my birth country. I used this account when visiting the country and meeting a lot of followers in real life or as I like to call it the #IRL Connection.

Although many of the @chapingeek followers are now following my soon to be only account @davemora. I will be encouraging everyone in Guatemala to start following my @davemora with the return of DMS-Giveaways (Guatemala Edition) – This is only for people in Guatemala

Guatemala, like many countries outside the U.S. (EE.UU), has an advantage when it comes to mobile phones. Pre-Paid mobile service is the norm. When I visit Guatemala the idea of paying a few Quetzales for a phone, a sim-card, and minutes is still something I need to get use to. The fact that you have Tigo, Claro, and Movistar to pick is #awesome. But, the added bonus is that they have days that they will give 2 or even 3 times the value of the amount you pre-paid. So, on those days adding 100 Quetzales to your account will actually be credited 200 to 300 Quetzales.

So why this whole long story?

Well I have more time to write and you guys get to suffer. 🙂

So here is the deal.

I will be giving away a 500QT that you can turn around buy a Tigo, Claro, or Movistar pre-paid card.

To Enter is Easy.

You must live or be in Guatemala within 30 days of the date I announce the winner.
If you are following @chapingeek simply start following @davemora. I will Direct Message the Winner (DM) from my @davemora account.
Tweet this Message “Si estas en Guatemala puedes Ganar 500QT – Dale un Follow a @davemora” o algo similar.
You must also have a valid “Celuda” or Passport as you will have to pick up your winnings from a Western Union location in case I am not in Guatemala in September to give it to you personally.

I am not responsible for any additional steps you might have to do to report the money to SAT. 🙂

For an added bonus. If you are using Google+ add me so I can add you to my Guatemala Circle.

Most of you might be wondering why is this in English and not in Spanish. Well, my written Spanish is “no muy bueno”. Actually neither is my ability to write in English. But, I am lucky that the majority of the geeks speak English.

So, on September 1st will be selecting a follower from Guatemala. The winner will be getting 500QT paid into their mobile provider and on September 2nd my @chapingeek account will be deleted.

Good Luck!