CES Ideaology

[Another something about CES]

This was my third consecutive year for a no show at CES. For the third time my plans turn into mush at the last minute and I was not able to make the journey to sin city. But, I was able to get an understanding of this years theme.

Everyone I talk to who went to CES tells me the same thing. Integration! It appears the idea behind integrating systems together is back. I remember a while back when they attempted this idea with home stereos. I remember stereos were becoming 1 bulky units with all the media playback features you can think of. But, I hated the idea of having to take the whole unit back to the store when the tape deck or CD player broke.

But, as more and more portables devices come out. I am starting the hate the idea of having to carry all of them.

[My Integrated Device Request]

So, I will make an official request through this article for a device that has everything I need integrated.

I would like to see a phone with the following features hit the market in 2005.

? 1.23 Megapixel camera and video capture/playback support
? MP3 and OGG file format playback support
? FM Tuner ( I know me and my FM Tuner)
? Bluetooth wireless technology
? SD or Sony Memory Stick Support
? Sirius Satellite Radio Playback
? WiFi 802.b/g support

Not only should the phone have this features but it should also resemble the Moto T720 feel and layout. I know I can get most of the features with the Moto MPx220 phone. But, I still need to carry a walkman, iPod Shuffle, and a Sirius player.

I just hate having things in my pocket.

When I tell people my request for this phone I am always asked, Why the WiFi Support? Well getting your e-mail or even chatting on the phone does have some delay so why not use a WiFi Hot spot to get that done faster or you may have a Voip Service and you can convert your cell phone into your home voip phone. Similar to what Uniden will be releasing soon. I know that I will have to wait longer for the Sirius integration since that technology still needs to go through some next generation advancements to allow the satellite technology to become smaller and lighter.

So, when all of the above happens. I will take credit for planting the seed. Regardless if I did or did not. [heh].