CES, I hope

Is thursday and if thing go as plan tomorrow night I will be on my way to Vegas. I am not going to vegas for the gambling, the shows, the escorts, or even the Adult Entertainment Awards. But, I am going for the Consumer Electronics Show. Well I am still counting the days I have left for a job. What sucks is that they don’t want to tells us when we will be let go. It sucks being laid off but it sucks when you don’t have a date so you can’t plan. Last year this time last year I had no job and it sucked. I don’t like the feeling of not having a job. It would be great if I had a trust fund or I had money so I did not have to work. I would be having the time of my life.

[SideKick or Blackberry]

Is very rare when I take my time and compare products before I buy them. I usually go into a store buy something and find out later that the products sucks or I could have gotten a better one. But, when I do compare products it usually takes me months even years to make a final decision. So, I have been looking for a phone that not only allows me to make calls, do e-mails, but also let me SSH into a server. 2 phones provide this ability the T-Mobile exclusive SideKick and the RIM Blackberry. I like the SideKick because it comes with AIM native to the device. But, the service T-Mobile offers is really not so reliable. But, I really like the GUI of the SideKick and the Development Kit you can get to add even more applications. The Blackberry is supported by my current provider or I can even move to nextel. The service with the other providers will be more reliable but the only problem is that that the 3rd party application for SSH support will cost me 200 dollars and IM support is not native to the device. So, I will have to configure things to make IM work on the device.

So, I am face with decisions. Decisions.