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DMS-onLocation with Mr. Mediocre Films

I am addicted to YouTube as much as I am addicted to Twitter. So, it is rare when I learn about a YouTube show outside the internet. Many weeks ago I was listening to the local morning radio show “Kevin and Bean” on the World famous Kroq and they had Greg Benson from Mediocre Films.

Their recent YouTube web series is “Retarded Policeman“. Although it looks like they are getting alot of Hate mail because of the content. I, like the other million viewers enjoy the web series.

Greg Benson was kind enough to answer some of my questions when I saw him at the New Media Expo in Vegas.

You can check out the “Retarded Policeman” web series here. Also, check out “The Guild” a web series that starts Felicia Day.

You can also follow them all on twitter at:

DMS-onLocation with Walt Ribeiro

Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to meet some really cool people. Walt Ribeiro is just one of those individuals that have 2 options. “Energy On” and “More Energy” with that he gets added to my Awesome people list.

He was kind enough to take a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer some of my silly questions.

DMS-onLocation with Walt Ribeiro from Dave Mora on Vimeo.

You can learn more about Walt at and check out his Tears, Tears. Worth the dollar I tell you.

DMS-onLocation at

After attending the New Media Expo in Vegas I stopped by at on my way out of Sin City.

When I entered the lobby of Zappos I realized I was in for a treat. I was now at a company with a different mind set and attitude from others I have visited.

The lobby was not your usual quite, boring, and intimidating lobby. Instead the lobby was full of energy and the atmosphere made me happy just entering the building.

Any time you walk into a lobby and you see a popcorn machine and a Dance Dance Revolution Arcade (DDR) you know your day is starting off on a good note.

I was not aware that Zappos gives a tour to anyone who is interested. I was not the only one in the lobby with a smile waiting.

I was lucky enough to get a “Private Tour” even if it was not designed that way. Jerry Tidmore was my personal tour guide and gave me alot of insight not only on the company history but the also the company culture.

I felt like a king having my own tour guide.

When I was asked to pick a crown and pose for a picture.

I am a VIP at Good times. Dave Mora is the King. At least for a day.

Now, I officially felt like King at Zappos and have a picture to prove it.

Tony Hsieh was kind enough to spend a few minutes at the lobby and answer my silly questions.

I left Vegas with mixed emotions. I was happy that I got to spend my Monday morning with nice and awesome people. But, sad that I am not a Zappos employee. Everyone I spoke with expressed a sincere love for Zappos and it seemed genuine.

Now, I am not saying everyone at Zappos is happy and loves it. Because, I did not speak with everyone. But, everyone had a smile and said hello. I was even informed I am welcomed anytime to visit.

If I ever move to Vegas will the first site I will visit.

If you want a tour of the place just e-mail and make sure you check out the “Quite Room”.

If you are a Zappos employee please leave a comment and let me know if you really love Zappos or missed out on the true Zappos.

– EnJoY

DMS-onLocation with Colin Devroe

So, I made my way to New Media Expo saturday morning. Not, build business relationships with companies offering to make my podcast better and more marketable. I went to try and get my viddler shirt.

Not even making a video with Colin Devroe the Technology Evangelist of upped my chances.

So, back home in Los Angeles and still no Viddler Shirt. Maybe next year I will part of the Team Viddler and finally get a shirt. But, boy what an awesome trip.

DMS-onLocation with Neha Tiwari

My apologize to everyone who has been waiting for this video patiently. I finally got around to edit and upload it.

Although I have master to make videos record from my Logitech Webcam. I am still working on bringing that quality with the FlipVideo. The actual .m4v looks so much better 🙁

But, please enjoy it.

Check out other places the video lives Viddler Video / Viddler Group

After Pinkberry we stood around talking about random things. She quizzed me on what BFG is a reference to, allergies, and about taking risks to play video games at 2 AM. She did say “This if off the record”. But, she never said “This back on the record.”. So, I wonder if I will be allowed to talk about about [Censored] and how it was when [Censored] [more] [Censored] or even how [Censored] dealt with it.

Hmmm I guess in the future I will have to ask the person “So, are we back on the record?” .

But, I am happy to report she is now following me.

Neha Tiwari Follows the awesome DMS gordo Dave Mora

I wondering how long it will take for her to either Mute me or Unfollow me as a direct result to my Twitter Addiction.

On a side note. I really enjoy Viddler but for whatever reason my video looked better in Vimeo. If anyone has a good solution to make AVI movies that have been converted to MOV that then have been converted to M4V come out looking good in FLV please “Porfavor” let me know.

Thank you all in advance.

DMS-onLocation with Leo Laporte

While in San Francisco I made my way to KGO Live where I was able to bug Leo to answer some questions.

He talks about some challenges in putting together his new studio, Bricking Henry’s cellphone for at least a day, and some words of wisdom for me to have patience and wait for the masses of fans to discover me.

So check out Leo’s blog at, His awesome content at and now his live video stream at

You can follow him on twittter at

Also, you can follow me at

On a Side note I am still trying to find the best settings to transcode the video so they look better on sites like Viddler and YouTube if you know let me know.