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Hey Portland. I am home!

davemora_n ew_path

For the longest I have always felt that I was on a path without any real sense of direction.

Someone once told me. “You always feel life is elsewhere. Why are you never happy with what you have?”

Well the truth is. I am very happy with what I have. I don’t feel life is elsewhere but, I always felt life could be better.

Two years ago my family and I decided that the place we call home was no longer going to be the place we wanted to raise our kids. Those that know me have heard my crazy plans to move to places like Ireland, Denmark, Detroit, and Utah. Also, how every city I ever visited always lead to me wanting to move there.

So roughly about two years ago I put a list of things that I wanted for my family and my self. Then I went to see what place in the world could check the most items of the list.

London, Denmark, and Portland made the cut.

I had hoped to be able to keep my position and move to those places but Denmark has strict rules and although my current employer has a division in Denmark I just wouldn’t be able to transfer with my current skill set. London, had some weird restrictions and made it difficult for my kids to start school as my employer would had to offer me an actual position from the London division and officially get me a work visa. That wasn’t going to happen so the London option kinda became a non option.

Then there was Portland. Last Christmas the whole family came to Portland and we fell in love with the city. There was no Portland job openings and I hoped that I would be able to keep my current position and simply work out of our Portland office.

That option ended up not being possible and after some deep thinking and talking it over with the family. We decided to move to Portland with or without a job. A scary leap of faith that my own parents made when they decided to call the USA our new home. A lot of weird things started to happen that made us feel we had to take this risk. Although there was no Portland position open there was an job opening last minute and I applied and ended up getting the job. Although the pay was a 40% paycut I had decided many years ago that I would never make job decisions on the pay.

It was a quick jump from the time I accepted the offer to the time I arrived.

If you have been following my Instagram or Twitter feeds you know it was not a great welcome to Portland. But, with all the crappy things that have happen to me. Today marks 75 days and a lot has happen. I am finally 99% heal from my injury and I am not longer drugged up in the evenings or my days off. The pain is over and I am starting to feel normal. We officially have a house that I will start to get some work on to get it ready for the family. I am starting to meet cool people in Portland that have welcome me as a long lost friend.

It’s weird but I feel that the path that I have been on all my life has finally lead me home.

Dave Mora's new Portland Home

Our new home. 11 Months ago I told people we will be moving to a small town outside Portland and this Month we finally got the keys to the place we will call home. It’s not as big as our old place but it has a nice yard, it’s in a Cul-de-sac and my kids will be walking distance from both their Elementary and Middle School years. But, this is the community that my family and I fell in love with.

Let’s just hope we have no crazy neighbors and that hopefully our new home wasn’t built on some old Native American Cemetery.

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