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DeAndre Jordan stays home!

For the few of you that follow me you know that my daughter and I are the Clipper fans in a house well a to be honest a city full of Laker fans.

So, last night I am sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a quiet evening going over my Timemachine blue prints. When I hear the cries of my daughter running downstairs from her room. At first I was alarm thinking there was danger but as she made her way to the kitchen table I come to realize her cries where actually cheers.

So it turns out she had been following the whole DeAndre Jordan drama unfold all day long through ESPN and some Emoji battles. So, she was ecstatic when it became official that DeAndre Jordan will be back as a Clipper.

Although, she is still sadden by the fact that Matt Barnes was traded she has this weird hope that somehow he gets waived by the Hornets and manages to come back as a Clipper.

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You can read more about the whole situation over at Yahoo! Sports.

If you are Mavs far or part of the organization I can truly understand your frustration if the stories are true that DeAndre never returned your calls. I understand my view seems bias since I am a Clipper fan.

Marc Cuban as a business man should definitely understand that nothing is valid until the contract is signed. My parents raised me to not count my chickens before the they are hatched. But, I was also raised that your word should have value. So, I do understand the argument the Mavs or everyone else is talking about.

At the end of the day. Isn’t this what the Free Agent things is all about. To tell your team you are not happy and be allowed to talk to other teams and see that they have to offer and then on July 9th signed a contract. At the end I think the system worked and it allowed DeAndre Jordan to get what he wanted and have the Clippers officially understand what they need to address to ensure DeAndre feels happy. I don’t think a verbal commitment should ever have any weight during the 8 days that a free agent looking at his options. But, then again you should never verbally commit to anything.

If the NBA Commisioner addresses this issue. I truly hope they just add once condition.

“During the NBA Free Agent Moratorium Period. A player can not verbally agree to any commitment and teams are not consider any verbal agreements. Both parties can talk about compensation and player options but teams can formally present their offerings in a form of a contract prior to the official date the player must agree on and signed a contract. ”

That way all the teams can wine and dine a player, give him all the contracts, and then today the player can sit down and signed the contract they feel works best for them and their family.

Just my 2 cents 🙂

Happy Dave!

Over the last few months I have been doing what I do best. That is dream, wish, and think of what I want to do. But, unlike Nike I have never been really able to “Just Do it!”.

Is not that I lack the ability to execute. I just want to do and dream about so many things and I just do not have the time. If I had a bank full of money it would make it easier because I can really take a “Project Manager” role for all the side projects I want to do. But, since I do not have unlimited funds I have to deal with the limitations.

The feeling of BLAH!
The last few months I have been feeling blah and I think it has been because I have to go back to creating stuff. A lot of the stuff I have been doing in the past few years have not been creative. So, I am restarting the Encabroname Podcast and going to work on putting out DMS-OnLocation and DMS-Today videos again. So, maybe putting stuff out again and being creative will make this feeling of BLAH! go away.

I really need to start blogging more regularly. Maybe I need to find a reward system to keep me engaged.

“Mierda” of a Dreamer!

Follow your Dreams! Not really. Dave Mora

The last 90 days have been a series of roller coaster rides that I haven’t experience since the days of my youth. I have to deal with physical road blocks, situations that have emotionally drained me, and learning how people view me for the first time.

My struggles are somewhat known if you follow me on my social circles. But, my struggles are not real struggles when compared to those of you who are dealing with what I like to refer to as “some real problems”.

When I feel I am having an “effed” up day. I always think about those who are dealing with something more tragic and are finding ways to over come them.

To sum it all up. At the end of the day I am just a big baby who can’t figure out how truly do the things I really want that would eventually make me be 100 percent happy with my self.

Life is always elsewhere.

It has been a running joke that whatever city I want to visit is the city I want to move and start my life in.

To an extent it’s true. But, I think the fuel that fires up that desire has change over the years. When I was in High School my desire to move was usually because I was running away from problems. I always felt that moving would be a way to start over. The reasoning went away when I learned how to deal with the problems that made me want to move away.

Then came the era that I wanted to experience something different in my 20’s. I would visit either Tijuana, Mexico or D.F, Mexico and I wanted to sell enough Tacos and to pay for a small apartment. I also would spend hours trying to figure out how to make a living when I would visit Bakersfield, Phoenix, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, San Francisco and other places that were so difference from the life that I lived in Los Angeles.

Then came the era or places that could offer me more for my buck as long as I would want to ride the place out for the long haul. That’s when places like Detroit came up on my radar. For 10,000 dollars you can buy a few blocks at a time and gamble that the Detroit will benefit when the United States as country starts turning around in being the states it was when Detroit was a destination stop.

Now I am entering the current and what I fill is the final era. As a father I am attracted by places that can offer the freedom for my kids to be kids and the a community that is involved in the local schools. All with being affordable to be a single income house and the ability for fast internet service. That’s how a small town in Oregon came up on the Radar and is what I hope to be the final destination once other things fall into place.

Stop dreaming and just be content with what you have!

I have always felt that I have been content with what I had but more in the humble stance. I am happy with what I have and I never have the feeling of wanting more or live outside my means. I always acknowledge how fortunate I am with the opportunities and things I get to do.

So, it was really weird to hear from people that I am too much of a “Dreamer” always wanting more and never content with what I have. Granted they had examples of me always wanting to move but those examples at lease to me were not because I wanted more. But, someone told me that I have issues with committing to things and that observation devastated me. I always felt everything I committed too I came through on. It took me a while to really understand what they truly meant. When I say I will do something to someone – It gets done.

But, when I want to do things like personal projects. I always allow other things to come up and prevent me from start them, finish the, or work on them. The lack of completing my actual projects is what they meant as to where I lack commitment and I must agree with them. My list of things I want to do has shrunk over the years and if you do a search on this blog or have been reading this blog over the decades I am sure you have read the posts of “Starting work on …”, “Putting this project on hold….”, to “I am no longer working on this…”.

When I stopped working for the “Evil Empire” and had a job that allowed me the freedom and the time to work on my side projects. I finally felt that I had found the perfect balance. But, somehow I found that I spent more time doing nothing and falling into some weird phases where watching 3 hours of Netflix was more important then working on content on my blog or podcasts. I guess the fact that I make no money on my blogs and podcasts never really made it a priority. By not making my content the way of making a living has allowed me the freedom to write and discuss what I wanted and yet that same freedom has made it possible for Netflix and other things become a wall between me and wanting work on my projects.

If that wasn’t enough I started to second guess my own plans and road maps I had for the next 3 years because it seems that some people that made it seem were on the same page with me have confirmed that they are not.

I want the old Dave.

So what is the point of blogging all this? Well nothing really. At the end of the day this is my blog and it is a part of me that has been around since 1996 so as I refocus on a few things and go back to some of my roots I am going to suspect more posts will appear more frequently.

The ReBirth … Again!

At the closing of every year I always feel that it’s the end of a chapter that I am happy to end because the start of the year means that I am going to start it off right.

I am sure we all feel the same at some level. We start the year with high hopes that this is the year we stop doing the wrong things that we know we should stop doing, start doing the good things that we know we need to do, and try become a better person. Maybe this is the year we realize we need to work harder to make our dreams come true, or this is the start of the next real chapter of your life from getting married, having a child, to buying your new car.

But, sadly by mid March no matter how well our intentions were we never seem to really change anything.

We just say Fuck it, call it quits, and add those goals for next years list of things you will work on.

There were a lot of things I wanted to change and things I wanted to do that never happen. But, 2014 thought me so much about those around me, the world, and especially about me.

I have come realize that for one reason or another this song became my anthem at the end of the year.

So, what did I learn?

I learned that the way I live with having a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D comes in handy when all your plans start falling apart.

I learned to start doing what makes me happy and stop doing what makes other people happy. Yes, it the short term it might ruffle feathers and people will have to deal on their own how to deal with the change. They will either come to terms that you wont drop everything for them and you might even loose so called friendships over it. But, in the end if you do loose friends over the fact that you are now doing things that make you happy could you have truly called them friends?

But, in the long term your life will be better.


Well, for starters you will be happier because you are doing the things you enjoy and when you do drop everything for those who you truly care about they will truly appreciate it because they know you have no problem saying NO.

My list of things to accomplish in 2014 is still full with nothing crossed off. But, learning from the failures that prevented me from doing them appear to be more valuable to me at this time.

So what does 2015 have in store for me. Not really sure because as much as I claim to see the future the best thing I can do is plan for the different possible versions.

My family will move in 2015. We are moving out of California to a small little town just outside of Portland, Oregon. If we are moving to a Farm, a Fixer upper, or a modern turn key house is still unknown but they are all separate plans.

My creativity has finally began to demand it’s attention. It’s been years since I have done anything creative and if 2015 is suppose to have a theme. You, can expect my theme will be one with a creativity feeling.

But, most importantly I will continue to just do the things that make me happy. From small things like reading to being part of large projects.

One of those projects is to not have a goal of “A Blog a day”. But, there is something I will do and that is Blog More.

I don’t expect contributing to Twitter or Facebook posts in 2015. Instead I will just use my blog as the place people can read about the things that I am doing. I guess the people willing to go out of their way and actually type in the address bar to see if I have something new will be those who I actually care about me, our online or IRL friendship, and I know I will value their visit more and their comments if they leave one.

As dark as it sounds. I have always felt that my life will end when I turn 60. That number has been stuck in my head because when I was younger I came to realize a lot of people died or were dying in their 60’s. Sure, as a society the medicine has advance and the way of living has helped increased that number. But, I still feel that 60’s is my end. So, 2015 marks the year I turn 35 and I feel somehow I feel that is a hidden milestone in my own timeline and I am halfway through my cycle.

Maybe that is why I feel 2015 is the year of great change because I feel I have learned from my many mistakes to makes things I want to happen happen.


There is one thing that will never improve or change. My typos on my blogs. Why is that? Because I write and then hit Publish. I never go back and read what I wrote or how I wrote it. It’s a habit I forced my self to have to ensure that my writing is the purest that it can be. So, I don’t go back and start filtering what I was thinking at the time and start editing out things.

It would not be so bad but my own dyslexia sure makes things fun when I using words such as where, were, there, their, are , your, you’re and other word combinations that make you (the reader) go “WTF is he trying to say here?”

So, if this is the first post you are reading of 2015 let me warn you. That my reading is a challenge in itself because of that 🙂

One of the things that annoy me of our society

Last year at a concert I was introduce to someone by a friend. The person introduce her self as +plus model.

I was baffled at first because I did not quiet understand why the term plus model was used. Aside from the fact that I am starting to hate the labels we try to put people in and our selves. I really hate the idea of putting people into boxes. If anything why not just say I am a model.

I understand the term Plus Model and the reason I was baffled was because this person did not fit the “Plus Model” image I have been forced to understand. As I get older I realize that as a guy I have been fortunate enough not to have to deal with the importance of self image. I have always worn black t-shirts, blue jeans, and vans. Even as I get older I still dress the same. I guess I will eventually be that 50 year old guy with a Comic T-Shirt, jeans, and vans. I do realized people will judge me cause of it as I get older but that’s on them and not on me.

I can’t imagine the unnecessary stress that woman have to deal with as they grow up with the so called image society implies they should meet.

It bothers me that as a society we label someone like theashleygraham to be consider a Plus Model. I think for many of us she would simply be consider a beautiful Model.

Bengals play like the team I love!

For the few people that know me as a Bengals fan you know that I have been a Bengals fan for as long as you probably have known me. Just as you have known me being a Clippers fan for decades.

I am a sucker for underdog stories and that’s why my teams have always been a team that winning 2 games in a season was a good season.

This years my Bengals are 3-0 and they are playing like the team I always cheered my heart out for.

Seen teams go from bad to okay and now into a team that wins games it’s something I have to get use to and I have to not get so upset of those fans that fall into the “Bandwagon” categories. Just welcome them and understand that they will return once their teams do well again.

Andy Dalton is doing what the past red haired quarterbacks had trouble with. Start off with a winning season 🙂

Streaming Music in DOS!

So many of you would be like “Why do we want to stream music in Spanish number 2?”.

As I get older and I come across more and more generations that do not know of a time before the GUI (Graphical User Interface) . My own kids will never know the time when a device was not designed to get you to Netflix or a website by default.

So, what is this DOS that I mentioned? DOS is what we old timers call the first operating system we used when we started playing with computers. The Disk Operating System ( DOS for short ) is what many us see when a so called Hacker takes over a system. For those the MAC OS you can refer it as the Terminal window.

Well to be fair this is not really about streaming music in DOS. Because, that would take hours going over config files, configurations, and having you figure out where to get a Floopy Drive.

Lucky, for all of us this post is where I simply introduce you to a simple website that mimics the experience of streaming music through DOS / Terminal window.


When you visit the website you can simply type help and get a list of instructions.


You get to listen to music, view the comments, and act like you are doing it all from the command line 🙂

So, enjoy it!