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My first day of 2013

I am not sure how 2013 will end. But, I know how 2013 started. After a 10 day winter / holiday break from work. I am back to the daily grind.

I hadn’t had a week off for over a year and I hadn’t really had a holiday break for over 7 years. Spending the amount of time I did this time around with my family has tough me so much and reinforced others.

It reinforced the idea that I knew two years ago. That any job that forces me to pick work over spending time with my kids is a job not worth having. I remember the days where my kids would wait to open presents or wait for serve the turkey until I got home was the norm.

When 2011 ended a lot of things were up in the air. I began the search for a new job that revolved around me and my lifestyle. When 2012 started – I had found the job that currently allows me to spend more time with my family. Spending the holiday break with the family has ensured me I made the right choice back in 2011.

Although I started my first day of 2013 applying for a new type of job. I know 2013 will bring new positive changes and also some new interesting challenges that I am looking to overcome.

So, while everyone starts the year with so called “Resolutions” – I just have a simple resolution and that is “Do More” – especially do more when it comes to my kids. This week I was reminded on how much of a handful it could be dealing with my two kids and how lucky I am that my wife can easily get them ready for school in a fraction of a time it takes me to get them ready. But, I will do more so that she can do less and possibly get to enjoy more time on things she enjoys doing like Music Production.

If any of you have a connection with a SPA in Los Angeles please feel free to let me know. I would like to surprise my wife with a trip to a SPA.