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Imagination is limitless.

My childhood was filled of epic adventures. I was a ninja, a dragon slayer, and a member of the A-Team. Like many kids of my generation I had few toys and the ones I did have were primary hand-me downs from my older cousins that out grew them. My imagination became the best toy I had.

Even now as an adult my imagination is the best source of entertainment. Maybe that is the source of why my kids have such games as “Help the Dragon” and “Rocket Ship”. One of the best things of being a father is spending the free time with my kids. As they are getting older their imagination is allowing them to have those epic adventures that I once had as a kid.

Recently, my brother in law came over and made a house for them our of an empty cardboard box. Similar to the video above. That box has been the center piece of our recent adventures.

I have no scientific data to back up my theory. But, I suspect giving your children the ability to use their imagination will not only give them a better childhood. But, it will make them a better person.

If you don’t want to encourage your kids to have a creative imagination. I encourage you buy them this grappling hook.

gapling hook.

You can thank me later. When they become Ninjas!

Hex is back home and well

The last few weeks I have been dealing with my son illness. The frustrating part as a parent is having the doctors know knowing why he is sick.

This ordeal all began with a fever. After 6 days of a continuing fever our primary physician went through the entire check list and found no cause. So, on day 7 my son Hex was admitted into our local hospital.

After 2 weeks and dozens of blood, urine, and other test that I have never heard before. The only conclusive answer has been. ?He still has a fever and we have no reason why?.

The one thing I have learned is that your own body knows there is something wrong and begins to fight it. Every blood results indicated his White Blood Cells were higher. So, they new his body was trying to make him better.

So, on day 12 his fever stopped they took his I.V on day 13 and day 15th he was released from the hospital.

While at the hospital I kept waiting for a team of specialist coming in with Haznet suits to prevent the spread of what ever my son had. I kept wondering if my son had crazy virus that has never been detected would we get to name it.

The other scenario that I kept day dreaming about was the guy from the Television show House coming in and telling me had this and that and we will need to treat him with a shot of water into his left leg.

But, I am glad that none of that happen and my son is now home keeping up with midnight feedings.

Also, thank everyone who txt me, e-mailed me, and Twittered ?Get well soon? messages.


Ascii Mora on Jumping Monkeys

As the geeks from my generation get older. We begin to start families. Most people would assume that my daugther will be a geek like her father. I mean she already makes my faces and has mastered the remote control. Although she is only 2 he mother and I (mostly her mother) try to expose to as many different things especially non geeky things. But, she appears enjoy technology.

I always enjoy watching her get a new gadget and figure out how to turn it on and off. That seems to be her first thing with any new gadget.

One program I can suggest where you can sit with you child is what I like to call the “PhotoShop for Kids”. TuxPaint is a simple and multi-platform application.

I encourage parents to check out the Podcast JumpingMonkeys.

I always thought I would be the one feature in a popular podcast or website but I guess my daughter has me beat on that one.

Baby Steps!

My daughter finally decided to give walking a try. She has been trying for a while. She would take 1.5 steps then she would fall and just crawl the distance.

So, when I was at work the Misses sends me a txt. Sadly, the last few weeks I been working some crazy hours. Almost 80 hours weeks 160 hours a paycheck, I was not home to witness this.

The txt message read

Ur baby [CenSoReD] walks.

I have had very few moments in life where I am overwhelmed by joy and true happiness.

Getting that txt message is one of them. So, from the moment I got that txt message the countdown began to when I would be getting home.

I amy long drive home the only thing I can picture is the Baby. I picture her playing with her blocks and then running to me as she saw me walking into the house.

So, when I got home she had this look like I am done walking for today. She did walk a little bit but she looked like a robot that could not bend her knees. She looked adorable. Then she killed me with her big smile from ear to ear. I am still wondering if she was happy to see me or that smile was because she was walking. Either way I had a father moment. Hard to explain but parents out their can relate I am sure.

-Super Duper Good Times I Tell You!

Baby Formula Milk Stinks

As a new father I have learned to deal with many things.

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Dirty Diapers
  • More Lack of SLeep
  • Putting someone else’s well being first
  • and More Lack of SLeep
  • But, the one thing I can’ stand is formula milk. Lucky for me we only give formula mil to the baby at night when we put her to sleep. I am happy that the misses gives the baby breast milk day in and day out. Because Fomula is expensive and it stinks.

    I hate preparing the formula milk because of the smell. I just hate it. Did I mention I hate it?

    Daughter and Dad Day!

    I try to help the misses as much as I can when it comes to taking care of the baby. I know I could do more. Like not me so grouchy when is my turn to wake up at night and attend to the baby.

    I have yet had the opportunity to spend a whole day with my daughter. I mean even on my days off the misses have been their to take care of the baby. I was more like the assistant.

    This Saturday is different. The misses went out with the family after I convinced her to go.

    I was expecting to be running through out the house like a headless chicken when the baby cried. But, I was fortunate enough that I had to go 2 stores.

    In the morning the baby behaived. She was quite and did not fuzz. We even spend time making faces to each other.

    I fed the baby and took her for a very long car ride. We went stop by some stores where I had to return, purchade, and exchange items.

    By the time we came back it it was 4 hours later and she had slept most of the time.

    The Cry:
    By 5 pm she has been up and began to cry. I checked all the usual things and she still cried. Most people would tell me to just feed her. But, we have her on a eating schedule already she was 1 hour away from eating. For what ever reason holding her while I walk through the house made calmed her down. So I spend the next 60 minutes walking through the house until it came time to feed her.

    Once she ate she was calmed and we went back to making funny faces and me talking to her. Although I know she is too young she seemed to try and mimic my words. I would tell her “I lover you” and she would make 3 sylable sounding sounds that sounded like “I love you”. I know that 99.99 percent of that expecience is just in my head but I guess is one of the things parents do.

    The only thing I kinda witch was that it was Sunday and they air the Bengals game. Then my daughter and I would have been watching the game together.