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Google is Evil?

Could Google be the next big brother? With the release of Google Seach Desktop it appears they not want to be able to search the web but also your computer. I will agree the Google Seach Desktop is a alot better the search tool that comes with your OS. But, I was concerned about google being able to index what I have and be viewed by someone else. It appears I was not the only one thinking that CNN is running an article about this in more detailed.

FBI Buys New Software

The FBI just went shoping. But, unlike you and me they did not head over to Newegg or even the dreaded Fry’s. They headed over to MicroStrategy Inc and handed them $720,000.00 dollars for reporting and analysis software that will be use in the so called war in terror. The software will be used with the FBI’s own data warehouse to share information between other law enforcement, homelane security, and intelligence agencies.

Plumtree Updates

Few weeks back Plumtree Software updated its portal software to work with both Java and Microsoft’s .NET Code. The update allows users drag files from their desktop and drop it into the website to share the files. The update also included the ability to have a “Project Calendar” and be able to sycronize it with information from Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange Calendars.

Slowly Moving away from WinBlows!

So, earlier this year I decided to complely move off the Windows Environment. I began to look into alternatives. Since I am coming from a PC-World I began to look into the obviuse “Linux” I have been using Linux on and off for many years now but mostly for server functions. Never for a full Work Station replacement.

I began to use PHLAK because it was given to me last october when I went to Frisco for a filming of The Screen Savers when it was still TechTV. I liked the fact I did not even need Hard Drive and it had the tools I needed.

But, I could not leave my favorite distro of SuSE. I have been using SuSE as far as I can remember. So, I am making the move off Winblows to SuSE.

I have also began using my Girl’s iMAC the fact that it runs Darwin a Unix/Linux Distro I gegan using it as well.

Site Version 1.1

So, this is my first post for the new layout. For the people that have been with me for a while you will notice one thing. No more Blogger. Don’t get me wrong I really liked blogger but I needed more control over my content. I needed more control over the layout and the features. As you can see I now have categories. As my blogs continue and my articles grow you will be able to group them together.

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