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The ReBirth … Again!

At the closing of every year I always feel that it’s the end of a chapter that I am happy to end because the start of the year means that I am going to start it off right.

I am sure we all feel the same at some level. We start the year with high hopes that this is the year we stop doing the wrong things that we know we should stop doing, start doing the good things that we know we need to do, and try become a better person. Maybe this is the year we realize we need to work harder to make our dreams come true, or this is the start of the next real chapter of your life from getting married, having a child, to buying your new car.

But, sadly by mid March no matter how well our intentions were we never seem to really change anything.

We just say Fuck it, call it quits, and add those goals for next years list of things you will work on.

There were a lot of things I wanted to change and things I wanted to do that never happen. But, 2014 thought me so much about those around me, the world, and especially about me.

I have come realize that for one reason or another this song became my anthem at the end of the year.

So, what did I learn?

I learned that the way I live with having a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D comes in handy when all your plans start falling apart.

I learned to start doing what makes me happy and stop doing what makes other people happy. Yes, it the short term it might ruffle feathers and people will have to deal on their own how to deal with the change. They will either come to terms that you wont drop everything for them and you might even loose so called friendships over it. But, in the end if you do loose friends over the fact that you are now doing things that make you happy could you have truly called them friends?

But, in the long term your life will be better.


Well, for starters you will be happier because you are doing the things you enjoy and when you do drop everything for those who you truly care about they will truly appreciate it because they know you have no problem saying NO.

My list of things to accomplish in 2014 is still full with nothing crossed off. But, learning from the failures that prevented me from doing them appear to be more valuable to me at this time.

So what does 2015 have in store for me. Not really sure because as much as I claim to see the future the best thing I can do is plan for the different possible versions.

My family will move in 2015. We are moving out of California to a small little town just outside of Portland, Oregon. If we are moving to a Farm, a Fixer upper, or a modern turn key house is still unknown but they are all separate plans.

My creativity has finally began to demand it’s attention. It’s been years since I have done anything creative and if 2015 is suppose to have a theme. You, can expect my theme will be one with a creativity feeling.

But, most importantly I will continue to just do the things that make me happy. From small things like reading to being part of large projects.

One of those projects is to not have a goal of “A Blog a day”. But, there is something I will do and that is Blog More.

I don’t expect contributing to Twitter or Facebook posts in 2015. Instead I will just use my blog as the place people can read about the things that I am doing. I guess the people willing to go out of their way and actually type in the address bar to see if I have something new will be those who I actually care about me, our online or IRL friendship, and I know I will value their visit more and their comments if they leave one.

As dark as it sounds. I have always felt that my life will end when I turn 60. That number has been stuck in my head because when I was younger I came to realize a lot of people died or were dying in their 60’s. Sure, as a society the medicine has advance and the way of living has helped increased that number. But, I still feel that 60’s is my end. So, 2015 marks the year I turn 35 and I feel somehow I feel that is a hidden milestone in my own timeline and I am halfway through my cycle.

Maybe that is why I feel 2015 is the year of great change because I feel I have learned from my many mistakes to makes things I want to happen happen.


There is one thing that will never improve or change. My typos on my blogs. Why is that? Because I write and then hit Publish. I never go back and read what I wrote or how I wrote it. It’s a habit I forced my self to have to ensure that my writing is the purest that it can be. So, I don’t go back and start filtering what I was thinking at the time and start editing out things.

It would not be so bad but my own dyslexia sure makes things fun when I using words such as where, were, there, their, are , your, you’re and other word combinations that make you (the reader) go “WTF is he trying to say here?”

So, if this is the first post you are reading of 2015 let me warn you. That my reading is a challenge in itself because of that 🙂

My favorite NES Games

A lot of people always give me a weird look when I mention that my two favorite NES games were “The Legend of Kage” and “City Connection“.

Don’t get me wrong. All the NES games that make the list or the honorable mentions of the funnest and great games of the NEW era make those list for a reason. Because they are awesome games.

I love those games and I really enjoy their history and the memories I have.

But, these two games are the ones I had the most fun. Maybe because of the simplicity of the games I don’t memories of frustration or moments where I stopped playing simply because I could not pass the level. I think many of us played hundreads of games in our lifespan but we have only come to complete a handful.

Yes, I know I am generalizing and people will soon send me starts of how many games they played vs how many they completed.

These were the first two games that I remember completing. Don’t get me wrong when I completed many Super Mario Bros and many action adventure games and some felt good completing after spending countless hours trying to pass a freaking level.

I think the reason I enjoy these games is because they take me to a place in my life that everything seemed perfect.

Legend of Kage was only 3 levels that repeated it self. You got a few level upgrades but playing this game when I was 6 made me feel like I was truly a Ninja. When I look back at my memories I some how can remember feeling the wind blow as I imagine being the ninja jumping from tree to tree.

City Connection always made me feel like I was getting ready to watch an episode of “The Love Connection”. But, when I was 6 playing this game I started to count the days that I will be able to drive and jump all over the place with my small car.

Shortly after playing this game all the cars I drew looked very similar to the car in the game.

Radio Active site in the middle of a community in New York

I was reading about radio active sites in the United States. When reading those places I just imagine empty buildings, empty lots, and locations that are not ventured by people because they have been abandon due to the contaminated soil and hazardous link to just standing on the ground that is full of radio activity.

I was freaking wrong and I was hurt to see a community stuck in the middle of a radio active site

When I came across this image. I just picture a large part of New York empty and possibly lot of empty building that once housed contaminated waste.

Dave Mora reads about radio active hot sports in New York

I decided check out the site location with google maps. Thinking that I will be finding some sort of Ghost Town. But, I was wrong. What I came to discover was a community.

Dave Mora discovers a community living on a radio active hot spot.

I came across this video about that same community on the New Yorker website.

It gives you a better understanding on how this happen. Also, I am not familiar with New York enough but it seems that if you lived in New York something like this is not new.

The new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is …

For those of you who actually follow me or know me. You already know one thing –

I am a Clippers Fan!

The last few days have been rough to say the least. Ever since the whole Donald Sterling Scandal broke and with the help of Magic Johnson behind the megaphone. This scandal not just grew but became the only thing people where thinking inside and outside the NBA. So, it had a great impact on me but not just because it was a scandal that involved the team that I have been rooting for.

My daughter and I attended last night’s game. Game five of the round one of the playoff against the Golden State Warriors.

Clippers bs Warriors Game 5 #clippernation

The game was emotional to me on different levels.

I was sad and then angry that although I live my life where someones color, religion, or ethnicity doesn’t even register in my way of thinking of living there are people who still do. As a father I am trying to instill those basic ideas in my kids that I know will eventually make them better humans. When I was in the 3rd grade and learning about the civil rights movement I was happy thinking that when I got to the age of having my own family. Things like race, sexism, and hating people just because they do not believe in the things that you do will be things of the past that my kids will never experience.

I learned that wont happen years back. But, that dream is not my kids dream as they hope that their kids will not have to deal with that.

So reading the headlines about the how the Clipper owner said some racist remarks made me angry. I was angry that there is a person that has impacted the lives of many minorities and although he might have been respectful to them in person. It did not have the same opinion in private. Angry that someones private conversation was made public with an agenda. Angry that this man is married and has been so use to living a sexist life that no one objected and they just accept it. Angry that we all seemed to not care about all the racist things he might have done in the past that have been stored for us to review in the form of public records.

I am left feeling angry that I did not care enough to know who the owner really was when it was all out there for me to find and read exactly how Kareem Abdul Jabbar wrote.

A few years ago my daughter discovered basketball and decided to call Clippers her team. Since I was a child I have been a passive Clippers fan mostly because I always cheer and go for the underdogs but I really thought the year that Dominique Wilkins came to the Los Angeles Clipper it was going to be the year we actually would win a Championship. But, we all know how that turned out.

The last two years my daughter and I have created many great memories attending Clipper games especially since we became season ticket holders.

So, I was also angry that the views of a owner was going to take this away from my daughter and I.

We went to the game and although I saw the crowd of the protest. I decided to avoid all of that and just go into the stadium. I wasn’t so sure of how many people were going to show up because when we arrived it was empty but we were there almost 90 minutes early. I have never been there so early but this time I wanted to avoid running into additional traffic because of the protesters and news media.

When we got to our seats. I wasn’t sure if anyone else would be coming to the game.

Clippers vs Warriors Game 5 #clippernation

The game was emotional on different levels for us the fans. The players had to deal with their own emotions and it seemed that they felt the love from us.

Chris Paul talkes about the game #clippernation

Although, there were plenty of empty seats and a handful of Golden State Warrior fans. I have never seen nor experience the Staple Center with such a high level of energy that the #clippernation had last night once the game started.

#clippernation cheered the Clippers as they took the court for warm-ups and that level of excitement never lost steam and for the first time I don’t think any Clipper fan until the final buzzer went off.

The days, months, and even years will pass before a new owner is selected and the Clipper will finally be able to move forward and hopefully away from all this scandal.

I suspect that the future owner of the Clippers will be news worthy regardless of how silly it could be.

I picture it now.

Breaking News: Someone famous was seen wearing a Clippers jersey. Does this mean they are thinking about buying them? … .. We will spend the next 5 news cycles talking about it.

I can honestly say. Last night’s game was a great game from a fan perspective and it provide some form of closure or at least some sort of milestone as we all move forward. As a season ticket holder I have come to know employees from the Clipper organization and although they could not publicly speak what they truly felt. It was still easy to share the pain they were going through.

I hope Clippers win it Game 6. But, if this series goes to Game 7. You can count on my daughter and I being there cheering for the Clippers a long with the rest of #clippernation.

The only thing that made me sad was seeing Hedo get hurt.

I am a feminist for the sake of my daughter

A lot of people label me a feminist. I guess raising my kids in a gender neutral house and encouraging my kids, especially my daughter, that they can be anything regardless what society thinks is what earns me that label by those who need to label people.

If thinking that everyone should be treated with respect and we should all welcome those who attempt to do something without the obstacle of gender roles makes me feminist. Well I guess I will wear that badge proudly.

Dave Mora an #awesome feminist

Lately, I started to think that every father of a girl should be proud feminist for the sake of our daughters future.

People lobe Dave because he is an #awesome feminist

Don’t get tagged on Twitter when people post a picture of you.

One of the features I do not care about so much on Facebook is the ability of users tagging you on pictures. The reason I do not enjoy that feature is the way it is misused.

People tag you when you are not in the picture, or when they post pictures of your kids (That’s another issue I have), or when they want to promote something and tag you on a flyer. That is the reason I do not allow people to Tag me on pictures on Facebook.

Well, it seems Twitter will be adding the ability to tag people on pictures too.

I guess they saw the great success Facebook has had with Hastags. (I am being sarcastic because I don’t think Hashtags on Facebook has been successful at all.)

But, that is not going to stop Twitter from taking a Facebook like feature and adding it the Twitter platform.

If you are like me and would prefer to prevent people from tagging you on pictures. I am glad Twitter has thought ahead and included a setting in your privacy settings to prevent them from doing that.

Dave Mora shows you how to prevent people from tagging you on Twitter

This pre-game projection is #awesome

I am not a Cleveland fan. In fact I am only a Clippers fan. 🙂 But, the one thing I wish the Clippers had was a consistent awesome pregame intro.

I think this is one of the best intros’s ever.

Cleveland Cavaliers PreGame Court Projection from Quince Imaging on Vimeo.

You can learn more about it

Now, how can I get the Clippers to contact Quince Imaging to get this done here?

My Internet Roundup links for Tuesday 3.18.14

For those of you that have missed me discovering these links and posting them in the last 7 days. I have decided to put them all on one page with my own commentary.

Enjoy. Well actually you wont enjoy them if you did not enjoy them the first time around 🙂

In the video below you will learn how to make a non toxic craziness that glows in the dark.

For those of you wondering how my 1968 have the fastest power windows? Well here is what I did 😛

What do you do when you encounter a shark? You remain calm and poke at it if it comes too close.

What instrument do you play? I play the Jeep!

I trully wish I could say that this song is so bad that is good. But, this song or whatever you like to call it. – I am calling it as an example of how not to use Autotune. This video blowing by the Wonderful Farrah Abraham. Is jut the worse thing ever to my ears. I am not able to listen to it without the need of taking a hammer to my head. 🙁

I would pay good money to have Jimmy Kimmel redo this video with the real Tom Hanks.

Be careful what butt you stare at