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It was my b-day!

I had my b-day this month and I am officially old. Is crazy to reflect back on my short 27 years and realize what little I have accomplish but yet how much I have done.

But, is kinda scary to think that I only have anothe 20 good years in my life. Not sure why I always felt I was going to die in my 40’s. I guess in 20 years we will find out how true that is.

Well since I don’t drink everyone have a drink on me!.

For those that keep asking I am still somewhat working on my podcast project. Since I now don’t I am thinking about recording some shows on the weekends and take it from their.

Later people.

I know [a poem]

I know you love me
I know you hate me

I know you hate waiting
I know you want change

I hate it too

I hate waiting for the world to change
I hate waiting for me to change with it

I know you have passed your tresshold
I know you cant wait any longer

I know you have waited many times before
I know the promises have been empty promises

I know you are walking away
I know you farther away then from where you started

I know and even knowing I have failed

Big Lake and Little Lake we meet again

Big Lake and Little Lake are nickname given to the Laguna brothers growing up. Not only were they close friends of mine through out my school years they were my partner in crime.

Like everything after High School we all some went started our journey in life and we each had a separate road that took us further away from each other as years pass.

Flash forward to almost 8 years later came across Big Lake. Not on the street, not through a mutual friend, not on the bus, not even in the same city. I have had the same yahoo account since High School although I don�t use it on a day to day basis I do log in through the IM service just incase someone from my school years is looking for me. Sure enough I saw my old friends screen name �online�.

Many years later we come to find out we both are fathers, husbands, and missing the good old days.

I wonder who will be the next long lost school mate that comes across yahoo.

– Good Times

Carlos Menstealia

I have heard the term Carlos Menstealia for a while now. But, I have never really witnessed it. I mean when you are beaner making beaner jokes is easy to have the same life experience and make fun of the nights your grandma / mom beat the crap out of you with a chancla.

Even on how the US wants to build a wall on the border and then asked who will build it. I mean Arif points that out, Carlos, Me, and even George Lopez so is hard for me to assume someone stole a bit.

The turning point for me was when non beaner jokes are used. Those stand out.

I am not comedian and I don’t claim I am either but when alot of your comedian colleges come to the conclusion that you take their bits that shows me their is something going on.

Time will tell until then enjoy this video below.

Joe vs Carlos

I usually watch comedy to forget about my drama not to see someone elses drama infront of me!.

MIA – Missing in Action!

Well party people I am somewhat back. I know it has been a while since I posted and so much has happen.

PLEASE STOP THE E-MAILS I have not been deported. I am tired of my mom calling me just to make sure the INS has not picked me up. (LOL)

So, what have I been upto the last few weeks. Well for starters I have not been updating my blog.

The Misses, Baby ASCII and I finally moved into our new home. Is not the mansion just yet but is getting their. I slowly starting to have some time for my side projects and with a bigger house and a loft dedicated for my projects I hope to get more done this time around.

Well this was just a short post to let people know I am alive. Feel free to e-mail me if you miss me that much.

– EnJoY

saddam execution video

So is official or at least it is all over the internet. Saddam will be execuited today sometime between 9 to 10 PM eastern standard time.

Little do people know he has already been executed. So people will be waiting for the video to either be aired on the TV or hit youtube or google videos.

But, I have the video that will be broadcast at 10 PM and later released on the internet. Check it out here.

saddam execution video if you can’t view it fix your rating settings in your video player.

Due to TOS with my provider the video I have is causing a lot of traffic and I am on a shared server. If I wanted to host the video I have to get a dedicated server. I just dont have the funds for that plus because of who recorded the video I will no longer be making it public. If you have the video please be aware that is unathorize and you have been warned. Also, if you tried to upload it to youtube or other video sharing place they will denie it. The one I have is more like a documentry it 45 mins long and shows him being picked up from his cell and flown to the place where he is executed.

So here is the video that is all over the internet enjoy.



I try not to read a lot of Fantasy books based on dragons, elvs, dwarves, and a kid who will destroy the bad eveil person at that end of the story.

For one reason or another I decided to pick up Eragon a few weeks back and I decide to read it. What I enjoyed about the book was that not so deep into that fantasy life it was an easy read. The only thing I kinda hated was the fact that 3 good chapters were followed by 7 boring ones.

The book left me angry because it ended on one for those 3 good chapters so now I have to pick up Eldest.

But, the book I picked up has still captures of the movie. And looking at the those pictures I can tell that the movie would make no justice to the book. I knew then what has been confirmed this weekend. That the movie looks like a straight to SCI-FI channel movie of the night.

Late night that is!