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This is not F**ken okay!

I grew up in a city that over the last three decades has been glamorize as a city full of crime, violence, murders, and corruption. I witness the crimes, the violence, the murders, and the corruption as a kid but I was also raised to not accepted as how things are but more like how things should never be and always speak against it and more importantly to want a future that those things would never be consider as a normal way of life.

I witness many things in my life and experienced things that could have easily lead me down the path to judge all the cops harshly and never respect them.

That is probably a reason why NWA’s song F**K the police resonated so much with so many people in my community when it was released.

I don’t know if my parents had the foresight of wanting to ensure that I knew that not all cops are dirty cops the same way the fought against the notion that all Latin folks are illegal and criminals. They enrolled me into the LAPD DAP Program and it really helped me see the LAPD in a different way. Prior to join the DAP program I had only seen the LAPD stopping people, handcuffing then, searching them, slapping those handcuffed on the head, and then be un-cuffed and then be told to “Get the Fuck out of here”.

A lot of things have change and the attitude from the Police officers and from the community towards each other has improved over the last 15 years.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can all rest and assume things are way better.

In fact things may be the same or possibly could be worse thanks to social media and the fact that everyone now has a video camera things ore documented more now.

But this post, This eUNKNOWN rant style post, This medium of writing that I have not used as regularly as I did 15 years ago is not about the crime, the violence, the murders, or even the corruption.

It is about how as a society grown man have some how created a double standard of “You must treat my mother, my wife, or my daughter with respect” but let me creep on and treat your mother, your wife, or/and your daughter like dirt and they better keep their mouth shut because somehow their silence is consent.

I am sure when I was younger I made some lewd jokes. But, I am thankful of the woman especial the girls in my circle of friends who firmly told me that was not okay through elementary and junior high school. So, as fathers we need to encourage our daughters that yelling NO and calling out people is needed especially since there will probably be more people that are being victimize.

As fathers we need to teach our sons unwanted dick jokes are never funny and silence never mean consent. The expectation should be to be respectful towards everyone and to always call out those who are not. This idea of boys will be boys need’s to stop and change to boys will be held accountable!

In fairness we need to teach kids regardless of gender. That they must treat others with respect and uninvited sexual advances or jokes are not consented by silence.

Over the last few weeks we have all come across accounts from people who have been sexually victimize by people in power. The list of victims and those who victimize is too long to list but is from Hollywood, Olympics, Schools, Technology, and Police.

When I read about the NYPD recent actions made the NWA song F**K the Police start playing my head.

I first heard about Anna Chambers and her story about being victimized by the NYPD through Franco’s video. I have embedded the video above and started it at the 5 minute mark for your convenience.

The NYPD is now trying to brush off the whole situation with their response of

“She consented”.

So, lets go ahead just assume that her consent is acceptable and we are okay with that (ALTHOUGH WE ARE NOT FUCKING OKAY WITH IT! – BUT JUST TO KEEP THIS MOVING WE WILL SAY WE ARE). It is still doesn’t make anything in this situation any better. Two on duty (On the clock getting paid by our tax dollars) felt it was okay to detain a young lady. Ordering the people in the only mode of transportation she had to leave. Then taking the young lady to a parking lot and having sex with her and then left her stranded in a parking lot? What part of that is okay?

None of that is okay. Even the idea that she was in a position of giving consent is not okay and not EFFEN Acceptable!


Two social web roads becoming one

Besides the passion I have towards my friends and family. I also have a passion towards Social Web and my job.

I have kept my personal and my professional life separate for many years. I even keep two Facebook profiles. One if for family and friends and the other if for co-workers and work associates.

I have always been concern that my silly comments would be taken for those of the company.

I have done a good job and I through nothing would ever make my two parallel roads cross each other.

Well that is slowly starting to change. I am currently ghost writing for my employer, helping clients, and just interacting with social communities under the company brand.

I enjoy it.

The fact that I am doing two things I really enjoy brings a smile to my face. It even makes me less bitter towards my 60 minute commute to work. But, I am still doing it as two separate identities.

At the moment I am just helping the company during my free time because I see how much the customers and the followers the company has really appreciate it.

I am not expecting or even wanting for this position to become a full time position. But, I would enjoy doing it if given the opportunity.

I am also pushing them to understand that who ever represents the company via social networks must also be social in real life. I think that should be a core value of any Social Media Strategy.

They should allow that person the freedom to hang out with other social web people at events or tweet ups. I really believe that a business should not just interact with clients online but also interact with people offline.

So, with that said if I am given the opportunity and if I am asked to do that full time for the company. I will no longer be able to keep two separate identities a secret when I follow my own suggestion and go to tweetups as the @companyhandle

Although the thought of saying that I have a twin brother did cross my mind. But, that would be a silly lie to try and keep up with. I mean it bothers me a lot at this point keeping both profiles separate. I almost feel like I am lying to my own followers ( the 3 of you ).

What I like about people not knowing me as the Voice and Face of a Brand is that I can do my silly tweets, blogs, podcasts, and continue doing DMS-onLocation without having any filters that might seem bias to my employer.

For example:

What if I was @Ford. How would my critical tweets from my @davemora towards my Honda appear? I like that fact that I could tweet “Honda your dealer mechanics are useless” without the fear that I might appear to be bashing Honda because I work for Ford.

What if I was @thecoffeebean and I really love the Large Ice Blended with no whip. Would my almost daily Brightkite post from @davemora appear to be self promotion?

What if I was working for a major @zappos competitor. Would my DMS-onLocation with Zappos for my never happen? Would I have been prevented or fired by my employer for hanging out with Tony for a few minutes and taking a picture in their VIP chair?

What if I was Frank from @comcastcares and I have the new Verizon Droid. I happen to have an iPhone that I enjoy better. Can I tweet out from my @davemora saying I like the Droid but still love my iPhone without making people feel I am just saying that because Comcast and Verizon FiOS are rivals in some areas?

What if I work for @pepsi but I happen to know people in @cocacola team. Could we ever tweet each other from my @davemora and hang out at social events like other twitter friends do?

Maybe my fear is misplaced. But, I am a person that enjoys helping people and hanging out with them. I have never represented a brand publicly and I am just not sure if my both worlds would ever co-exist without people reaching for a deeper meaning as to why I tweeted “I hate how Virgin Airlines lost my reservations” from my @davemora when I am also @southwestair.

For the record the above are all examples.

Well some of them are. I would really love to work for @cocacola or @thecoffeebean but my addiction to their products might make them go out of business.

So, what are your thoughts?

If I tweeted my way to a @ company brand. Would you understand that @davemora and this website are full of my own thoughts and silliness? Would you trust me less when I say that I enjoy Netflix on my Xbox360 and not on the PS3 as my own opinion not because I happen to work for @Microsoft ?

What do you think?

Do you think is time I allow two of my passions to become one?

I am really interested to read your thoughts, opinions, or better yet leave a Viddler Video response with suggestions if you happen to be the face and voice of a brand on Social Networks.

Always make a Stranger Happy

I was at my local Rite-Aid picking some snacks. I over heard a kid (around the age of 10) tell his young brother. Not sure why but it took me a point in my life where my parents and I lived in a Single apartment when we just moved to Los Angeles.

Don’t ask dad to buy that toy. He lost his job. Lets be great full mom still has a job. It will hurt dad to tell you he can’t.

It was something simple that anyone could have just heard and moved on. But, I am big on doing random acts on kindness so I bought both kids some of the car toys they were talking about.

I told them that when I was that young my parents went through hard times. But, things do get better and as long as they have each other.

dms #my2cents

I spoke with the parents to ensure if it would be okay. At first they had mixed feelings as to waiting for a catch. But, I reassured him I had no catch. I was just me doing #randomkindness he gave me smile with a thank you.

Now, I only wished I had some business where I can employ people who just want to work to provide for their family.

You should always do acts of #randomkindness #my2cents

Always keep your Ego in check!

Sometimes I twitter rant takes more then 140 characters.

Today, I was on Ventura Blvd in Encino and I had a trendy LA moment. I was walking down Ventura when I notice a movie start parked his car and then went over to the passenger side to get something out. The movie star [ Censored ] did a “I am so cool that I can close my door by just pushing it as I am walking away” move.

Well sadly he did not push it hard enough so the door swang wide open again. I notice this and I attempted to let him know.

I only got the words “Excuse me …” out of my mouth when he stopped me and told me.

I am sorry, I don’t have time to give you an autograph I am in a hurry.

I told him that I had no clue who he was and just pointed to his door.

This was my #140plus