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Suburbico Movie (2017) Review

So, I went and saw Suburbicon and I have to say. It was not what I expected.

Here is the trailer

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed it. But, I think those who didn’t enjoy it is because of how the Trailer was cut. It gives you false expectation but I think overall it is a great movie with a great story.

I personally think this movie will find success post the Box Office as more people like me who seen it would recommend it to others similar to what happen to The Shawshank Redemption

But, then again I go see a lot of movies and I enjoy all them. So, my suggestion is usually invalid.

This is not F**ken okay!

I grew up in a city that over the last three decades has been glamorize as a city full of crime, violence, murders, and corruption. I witness the crimes, the violence, the murders, and the corruption as a kid but I was also raised to not accepted as how things are but more like how things should never be and always speak against it and more importantly to want a future that those things would never be consider as a normal way of life.

I witness many things in my life and experienced things that could have easily lead me down the path to judge all the cops harshly and never respect them.

That is probably a reason why NWA’s song F**K the police resonated so much with so many people in my community when it was released.

I don’t know if my parents had the foresight of wanting to ensure that I knew that not all cops are dirty cops the same way the fought against the notion that all Latin folks are illegal and criminals. They enrolled me into the LAPD DAP Program and it really helped me see the LAPD in a different way. Prior to join the DAP program I had only seen the LAPD stopping people, handcuffing then, searching them, slapping those handcuffed on the head, and then be un-cuffed and then be told to “Get the Fuck out of here”.

A lot of things have change and the attitude from the Police officers and from the community towards each other has improved over the last 15 years.

But, that doesn’t mean that we can all rest and assume things are way better.

In fact things may be the same or possibly could be worse thanks to social media and the fact that everyone now has a video camera things ore documented more now.

But this post, This eUNKNOWN rant style post, This medium of writing that I have not used as regularly as I did 15 years ago is not about the crime, the violence, the murders, or even the corruption.

It is about how as a society grown man have some how created a double standard of “You must treat my mother, my wife, or my daughter with respect” but let me creep on and treat your mother, your wife, or/and your daughter like dirt and they better keep their mouth shut because somehow their silence is consent.

I am sure when I was younger I made some lewd jokes. But, I am thankful of the woman especial the girls in my circle of friends who firmly told me that was not okay through elementary and junior high school. So, as fathers we need to encourage our daughters that yelling NO and calling out people is needed especially since there will probably be more people that are being victimize.

As fathers we need to teach our sons unwanted dick jokes are never funny and silence never mean consent. The expectation should be to be respectful towards everyone and to always call out those who are not. This idea of boys will be boys need’s to stop and change to boys will be held accountable!

In fairness we need to teach kids regardless of gender. That they must treat others with respect and uninvited sexual advances or jokes are not consented by silence.

Over the last few weeks we have all come across accounts from people who have been sexually victimize by people in power. The list of victims and those who victimize is too long to list but is from Hollywood, Olympics, Schools, Technology, and Police.

When I read about the NYPD recent actions made the NWA song F**K the Police start playing my head.

I first heard about Anna Chambers and her story about being victimized by the NYPD through Franco’s video. I have embedded the video above and started it at the 5 minute mark for your convenience.

The NYPD is now trying to brush off the whole situation with their response of

“She consented”.

So, lets go ahead just assume that her consent is acceptable and we are okay with that (ALTHOUGH WE ARE NOT FUCKING OKAY WITH IT! – BUT JUST TO KEEP THIS MOVING WE WILL SAY WE ARE). It is still doesn’t make anything in this situation any better. Two on duty (On the clock getting paid by our tax dollars) felt it was okay to detain a young lady. Ordering the people in the only mode of transportation she had to leave. Then taking the young lady to a parking lot and having sex with her and then left her stranded in a parking lot? What part of that is okay?

None of that is okay. Even the idea that she was in a position of giving consent is not okay and not EFFEN Acceptable!


Happy Columbus day WTF?

Today is Columbus day. I can’t celebrate a day in honor of a person that was the starting point of such a destruction of the indigenous people in this part of the continent.

I moved to Oregon and I love it here.

But, to know this whole state had so many tribes that were force to move on to reservations only to have their lands given out to settlers is something that I think about especial on a day like today.

The city I live in now was the heart of a tribe and after they were force to a reservation they handed out deeds to the land. 150 archers to a single male and 300 archers to a married couple.

People simply filled for a land deed during that time and got so much free land. Land that wasn’t even theirs to claim. Land that did not need any new settlers because there was already people living on their lands.

Southern California was the same but somehow living in LA you forget that part of the history because you tend to not read past the time period that involves the Mexican history. But, up here when you start looking at the history it always leads to a tribe that once called this place home.

I don’t think this video would have had the same affect on me if I still lived in Los Angeles.

Foxnews please stop comparing the Apple vs FBI issue as a simple search warrant on a house.

I truly wish the FoxNews or any so called news organization would go back to the days of my grandparents and simply reported the news. But, it seems no one reports the news they report a headline and spend hours commentating on it.

I have come to accept this new way of news reporting from TV. I guess that’s what makes Comedy Central a news agency such as FoxNews or CNN now because they have the same format. Report a fact in the headline and then spend the rest of show commentating on it until it’s time to use another headline as the fact for the next topic and go back to commentating.

But, it’s my view that if you are going to commentate and compare things. Please try and compare them correctly.

To compare the Apple Vs FBI issue to a simple “Search warrant to a house and granting access to everything in a house” is not the correct analogy.

To compare the Apple Vs. FBI issue correctly to search warrant on a house is to say “The FBI is asking the developer, architect, and construction company to come together and agree to build all future houses with a secret room that will collect everything that is said and done in the house and then build a special contraption that will lower all the contents of this room into a special tunnel out to the street”


Do you see how wrong and silly that sounds? They are counting on the people who don’t really understand the technology aspect to agree with them by providing a logical comparison but the sad truth is that the comparison is not the correct one.

The FBI not being able to unlock this phone on their own shows a glimpse of a bigger issue. For example [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] or how about when [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] [Censored content – Removed for security issues ] . Those are just my thoughts.

First ever video with a TPS-DMS License

So what is a TPS-DMS License?

Well it is a special license you need to be able to legally embed a video or rebroadcast it. It’s the only license that prevent fair use.

So only with a TPS-DMS License you can put the following video on your site.

So, how do you get this special TPS-DMS License? Message @davemora and send him 5,000 US Dollars for a 1 year license for that specific video. You will a TPS-DMS License Code to put on your website and that is all.

#sarcasm and #sillyness

Dave Mirra left us :(

I have never met Dave Mirra but I grew up in the BMX culture as a kid so as I got older and starting reading about Dave Mirra and seeing his videos. At times it felt like I was seeing an old friend from the neighborhood making it big.

So, it saddens me to read about his passing especially if the reports of it being a suicide are true. We all have our issues and our daemons but when I read about a suicide it just makes me feel that we as a society have failed a fellow human being.

Welcome back Circuit City

A lot of people under the age of 25 may not remember Circuit City. They went belly up a few years ago and some companies ended up buying their trademark and I think Tiger Direct bought the domain just for the traffic.

I felt I was the reason they went belly up because I was the type of customer that would spend 2 weeks buying and returning receivers until I was 100 percent happy.

This is one of the commercials I saw as a kid and it always stuck in my head.

But, then the reality as I got older it seemed this was the Circuit City I dealt with. Some stores were run by people who just enjoyed having a good time and were always friendly and fun the ones below.

But, others were messy and full of unfriendly people. But, the one near my house was always friendly and their employees were informed on their products.

So, lets hope that circuit city is just not a store that Radio Shack use to be with the idea of smaller stores with specialist electronics.

Heck I predict that Buck from Boggie Nights will be bringing back “The Good Guys” to sell us the real High Fidelity stuff we have been missing.

I hope to see Buck soon

Hey Portland. I am home!

davemora_n ew_path

For the longest I have always felt that I was on a path without any real sense of direction.

Someone once told me. “You always feel life is elsewhere. Why are you never happy with what you have?”

Well the truth is. I am very happy with what I have. I don’t feel life is elsewhere but, I always felt life could be better.

Two years ago my family and I decided that the place we call home was no longer going to be the place we wanted to raise our kids. Those that know me have heard my crazy plans to move to places like Ireland, Denmark, Detroit, and Utah. Also, how every city I ever visited always lead to me wanting to move there.

So roughly about two years ago I put a list of things that I wanted for my family and my self. Then I went to see what place in the world could check the most items of the list.

London, Denmark, and Portland made the cut.

I had hoped to be able to keep my position and move to those places but Denmark has strict rules and although my current employer has a division in Denmark I just wouldn’t be able to transfer with my current skill set. London, had some weird restrictions and made it difficult for my kids to start school as my employer would had to offer me an actual position from the London division and officially get me a work visa. That wasn’t going to happen so the London option kinda became a non option.

Then there was Portland. Last Christmas the whole family came to Portland and we fell in love with the city. There was no Portland job openings and I hoped that I would be able to keep my current position and simply work out of our Portland office.

That option ended up not being possible and after some deep thinking and talking it over with the family. We decided to move to Portland with or without a job. A scary leap of faith that my own parents made when they decided to call the USA our new home. A lot of weird things started to happen that made us feel we had to take this risk. Although there was no Portland position open there was an job opening last minute and I applied and ended up getting the job. Although the pay was a 40% paycut I had decided many years ago that I would never make job decisions on the pay.

It was a quick jump from the time I accepted the offer to the time I arrived.

If you have been following my Instagram or Twitter feeds you know it was not a great welcome to Portland. But, with all the crappy things that have happen to me. Today marks 75 days and a lot has happen. I am finally 99% heal from my injury and I am not longer drugged up in the evenings or my days off. The pain is over and I am starting to feel normal. We officially have a house that I will start to get some work on to get it ready for the family. I am starting to meet cool people in Portland that have welcome me as a long lost friend.

It’s weird but I feel that the path that I have been on all my life has finally lead me home.

Dave Mora's new Portland Home

Our new home. 11 Months ago I told people we will be moving to a small town outside Portland and this Month we finally got the keys to the place we will call home. It’s not as big as our old place but it has a nice yard, it’s in a Cul-de-sac and my kids will be walking distance from both their Elementary and Middle School years. But, this is the community that my family and I fell in love with.

Let’s just hope we have no crazy neighbors and that hopefully our new home wasn’t built on some old Native American Cemetery.

Wrote listening to

Youtube for kids!

As a parent I have done my best to protect my kids from randomly coming across things on the internet that are not appropriate. I use services like OpenDNS and use an “Allow List”. This way I can ensure only sites I approve can be seen by my kids regardless of what device and platform they are on since I do this filtering at the DNS level.

But, Youtube is a hard property to manage as a parent. I try not to be a helicopter parent but I don’t want my kids to search for minecraft videos and then end up “Iraq Mines Explosions” as suggested video. Also, some comments are worse then the videos showing someone getting hurt.

Youtube For Kids standalone app is a good start. But, doesn’t really help if I still want my kids to enjoy Music Videos or I do approve of some Channels that are not yet listed in the App.

Since, it is an app it does little for the when my kids are on Youtube on their laptops.

I do recommended it as a good start for parents you want their kids to stream kid friendly apps.

If this post someone how makes it to the someone who is working on the Youtube for Kids project. Please, do the following just to make me happy 🙂

– Ensure all video assets are not on the domain. This way I can block and ensure none of the assets are blocked.

– Instead of an app platform many kids as young as 2 years old are already familiar with the UX/UI so simply mirror the basic experience to a separate domain such as and make it so that every user needs to login.

As a parent I will create a user account for my kids. By forcing all the users to login I can ensure that my kids experience can be what I determine regardless of what device or platform they are on since they will simply be going to the website. Through this website comments will be disabled and they will only see channels pre-approved by Youtube for kids.

– Allow me to white list channels that I have seen and I feel comfortable allowing my kids view.

– Send me a weekly e-mail of what my kids are searching for.

So, if you can do the above items I mentioned I would greatly appreciate it 🙂