Carlos Menstealia

I have heard the term Carlos Menstealia for a while now. But, I have never really witnessed it. I mean when you are beaner making beaner jokes is easy to have the same life experience and make fun of the nights your grandma / mom beat the crap out of you with a chancla.

Even on how the US wants to build a wall on the border and then asked who will build it. I mean Arif points that out, Carlos, Me, and even George Lopez so is hard for me to assume someone stole a bit.

The turning point for me was when non beaner jokes are used. Those stand out.

I am not comedian and I don’t claim I am either but when alot of your comedian colleges come to the conclusion that you take their bits that shows me their is something going on.

Time will tell until then enjoy this video below.

Joe vs Carlos

I usually watch comedy to forget about my drama not to see someone elses drama infront of me!.