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Can’t we all just get along | Dave Mora Blogs!

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Written by Dave Mora
On Feb 08 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Can’t we all just get along


Not Rodney King but Vint Cerf is asking us to get along.

As reported at techworld.com One of the designers of TCP/IP is asking congress to react to the recent mobster like actions of Internet Providers.

Recently internet providers have been working on a business model that will allow them to charge websites a fee to allow the providers customer base to reach their website. Also, for a fee they will allocate more bandwith towards their website.

Something like this will force companies to pay up to allow visitors to visit their website and at good speeds.

In my opinion this is wrong in so many levels.

If a company is not big enough to pay up they will just not be vissible on the internet. Also, good open source products that just make enough for their hosting bills may also disapear.

I just hope the people incharge see this as a bad thing and decide not to make something like this happen.

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