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Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 11 , 2014 for eUNKNOWN

One of the things that annoy me of our society


Last year at a concert I was introduce to someone by a friend. The person introduce her self as +plus model.

I was baffled at first because I did not quiet understand why the term plus model was used. Aside from the fact that I am starting to hate the labels we try to put people in and our selves. I really hate the idea of putting people into boxes. If anything why not just say I am a model.

I understand the term Plus Model and the reason I was baffled was because this person did not fit the “Plus Model” image I have been forced to understand. As I get older I realize that as a guy I have been fortunate enough not to have to deal with the importance of self image. I have always worn black t-shirts, blue jeans, and vans. Even as I get older I still dress the same. I guess I will eventually be that 50 year old guy with a Comic T-Shirt, jeans, and vans. I do realized people will judge me cause of it as I get older but that’s on them and not on me.

I can’t imagine the unnecessary stress that woman have to deal with as they grow up with the so called image society implies they should meet.

It bothers me that as a society we label someone like theashleygraham to be consider a Plus Model. I think for many of us she would simply be consider a beautiful Model.

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