Keep Calm and Instagram on

Don’t be so dramatic

Dave Mora asks you to remain clam during this instagram change.

So by now you have probably heard the massive news. Instagram wants to make millions off your peace sign, duck face, in front of the bathroom mirror, and look at me attitude pictures. They also want to make more millions of your cat, dogs, random animal, random plant, and food your eating pictures.

But guess what!

You are not so important that the world revolves around you – that they can even make a cent of your over filtered pictures.

Yes, I know this was a blunt introduction to this issue and people do have valid points. But, If you don’t want a company that gives you the social network that you are living and breathing on everyday to have a clause that enables them to use content to advertise / make money – well I am sorry but you will start to delete your Twitter, Facebook, and even gmail. ( Since gmail makes money of your e-mails)

I for one consider the interwebz and social sites that I am not paying for and are built with idea of friending people to be public. The same way I have accepted security cameras to record me as I walk down the street. Anything I post on the interwebz is public. That is one reason I don’t post private pictures, pictures of others and the few pictures I post of my family is done on Facebook in an album that only a few people have access to view. That is another reason why I only friend people I know on Facebook.

But, I am happy of the people upset of the recent Instagram change.

Why am I happy?

Well for better or worse it has made people think about their pictures and to view them the same way we once viewed physical pictures. We are getting the sense of possession to the images as they not only represent an image, a time, a place, but for the most part they represent a memory and even a feeling.

It’s time to consider a system where you pay to store pictures such as hosting companies, cloud services, or even Amazon Web Services and then look for applications on your phone that supports the uploading and sharing of those images on those hosted solutions.

For the super geeky solution.

Since I over complicate things because that’s my geeky nature. This is my solution.

Get a NAS server (This is what NAS is and this is a simple one I use) that supports your hosting Solution. Get a phone app that not only posts your picture to their service but also puts it on your hosting solution. Hopefully the new app you are using enables you to selectively share the link to that image to your social media services. So, you can let all your friends know what you just ate. Now, that your image is on both the new app provider and a back up is on your hosted solution if the app provider decides to do what Instagram did or worse goes out of business. Your images are at leased with your hosted solution.

Then have your NAS download / get all your images from your hosted solution. So, in case your hosted solution goes out of business or they have some major problem where your pictures are deleted. You have them on your NAS at home. Also, if your NAS at home breaks of your house is broken into. Well you can download all the pictures from the hosted solution when you get your new NAS.

Like I said this was a complicated solution.

But, in the end just remain Calm and continue to post pictures of your pets, food, and those duck faces. 😛