Written by Dave Mora
On May 31 , 2010 for My Bike Journey

Cadence what?


Another week of being a cyclist leads to learning a new term. This week I learned about Cadence.

You can read the math background and google how to measure it.

In short. Cadence is the amount of time you complete a full pedal. If you pedal 50 rotations an hour. Your cadence would be 50.

What I am learning about being a cyclist is that everything that can be measured, should be measured, and will be measured. You measure the distance, the speed, the altitude, and even the calories you have burned.

I am not interested in finishing the race in the top 10. I am interested in finishing the 100+ mile race with out killing my self. Cadence, will be the unit that I will be measuring and hopefully improve as the weeks come and go.

Why is Cadence something that needs to be measured?

If I keep a constant cadence I can condition my self to pedal at a constant and manageable rate. The goal is to keep a constanct pedaling rate regardless if the road is flat or a hill.

So, that lead me to my weekend adventure. I went out and looked for an inexpensive bike computer that could track the cadence for me.

I found an inexpensive wired bike computer that would do the job.

The CatEye Strada Cadence is the only one I found at this price range that came with Cadence.

But, I failed to get it to work.

Even after watching videos like the one below.

So, for now I will just ride and see who I can find to help me troubleshoot my basic bike computer.

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