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Written by Dave Mora
On Mar 10 , 2010 for Daily Rants

Brand Ambassador


Brand Ambassador

I don’t claim to be the person that coined “Brand Ambassador”. But, in the current state of my life. I can really identify with it.

I have been a “Brand Ambassador” for over 20 years. Haven’t we all?

Majority of us have been an unofficial Brand Ambassadors at one point. Think about the last time you suggested a product, a service, a person, or even advice against a brand?

Their is no secret I love Coffee Bean, Rhapsody, Borders, Netgear, Twitpic, Sobe, and BrightKite. If you follow my tweets you will even find me offering suggestions, tips, and solutions to such products and services. But, in general you will be finding me spreading how much I enjoy their products.

To me a “Social Media Brand Ambassador” is someone that is passionate about a brand as much as they are passionate about social media.

It is only a matter of time before companies will start using “Brand Ambassador” or “Social Media Brand Ambassador” in job titles. Sadly, I suspect companies will simply be re-naming current jobs that are simple marketing positions. Such companies are really going to limit their success.

Personally, the people at @comcastcares, @mediatemple, and @textPlus are good examples of a “Brand Ambassador”. They engage people having issues, asking questions, or giving compliments. They engage people and have a conversation. Never once horse feeding an upsell or product.

What started to be a simple post about the term Brand Ambassador is now becoming a page. The more I think about it the more I want to make business cards that read “Dave Mora – Brand Ambassador” now picture flipping it over and see the logos of the brands that I am am ambassador for?

So, if you work for any of the brands I love. Just know. You can hire me and pay me 0.00 dollars and I will continue to champion for you. I am already doing it for free so no need to pay me. Just allow me to officially call my self your “Brand Ambassador” 🙂

But, if you feel need to cut me a check. I will not send it back. 🙂

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