Can I be famous now?

Well I have decided to enter an entry once a day regardless if I have something to say. Why you may ask. No reason just to force my self to find something interesting to talk about on a daily basis.

So, I came across somewhat of a new site. is a site / magazine about bloggers but the interesting thing is they list bloggers by lists. You are either an A, B, or C list blogger. Sadly I am on neither of those lists.

Now I am force to bribe them for at least a C list position. (j/k)

But, that got me thinking.

Are bloggers becoming into famous people? I mean how soon before I can call a restaurant here in L.A. and say “This is Dave Mora. I need a VIP room for 2 in 30 mins”. I know I am a long away from that but will famous people be known as Movie Stars, Musicians, Writers, and Bloggers?

Just a though.