Bittorent is not evil!

For what feels like a decade the industry has been beating the drum to the tune that making a digital copy of your media is a crime. They treat the action like the gateway drug to full pledge “Digital Piracy”. It bothers me that the moment my parents convert a the DVD they just bought to playback on their iPad the industry suspects my parents will be hunting down ISO’s, Warez, DVD-Rips, Software Cracks, and go out and start a new business in selling pirated movies at the local bus stop.

I am a strong believer that those who would only used content that they download without paying for it. Would have never bought it anyway. So, the talk that the industry is loosing money is void in my opinion because they will never receive any money from that individual because that person would have never bought it to begin with.

The industry has been very successful in shutting down innovation when it comes to digital media distribution. From a simple MP3 site that allowed you to stream music to your computer after you confirmed you own it. (This was the early days and the site was deemed illegal and forced to shut down. But, many years later. iTunes Match is offered with the same idea but is not considered illegal.) They shut down Napster with the same fear that it was going to make all musicians homeless.

The Music industry Business Model was dying a slow death and they were all just to scare to embrace the new technology that would force them to adapt to what the audience wanted. The audience wanted to discover and enjoy music on their terms.

So, it seems the audience has somewhat won that battle. Now, that we get the music how we wanted on any device we use. It seems that the Music industry is still around, artist are still being signed on to labels, and labels are still making millions. The only main difference is that we are no longer forced to buy an album for two songs that are worth listening. In turn, I feel we have forced labels to encourage the production of multiple good songs on an album. Not just the hit single.

So what am I trying to say?

Well if you know me by now. You should know that it is nothing!.

I never write with a plan. I sat down to write a walk through on using Bittorent but I started out with giving you #my2cents.

What is Bittorent?
According to Wikipedia – BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data over the Internet. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files and it has been estimated that peer-to-peer networks collectively have accounted for roughly 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic (depending on geographical location) as of February 2009

According to me. It is an awesome protocol that solved some major problems in media delivery and will soon fix the live streaming problem. If you spend the time to watch Episode 40 of Triangulation on the Twit Network. You can learn more about. Let me warn you. You will learn a lot of geeky things.

So, downloading a .torrent is a two part process. First, you need a Bittorrent client. Their are many out there some are good, some are #awesome, others are just a scam to trick you to download spyware on your computer.

I will only recommend the use of the client made by the maintainers of the Protocol – The Bittorrent Client.

Once you install the program you should have something similar to the image below.

Dave Mora shows you how to .torrent

The second part is the most important part and that is finding a good source to download your .torrent files.

This is where it gets complicated because we have all heard of the sites similar to the “The Pirate Bay“. Sites described as to only enable the act of downloading media illegally. Most of the statements are true. But, the technology still enables the good in people.

I use the site It is a site that searches all the other sites for what you are looking for. Here is how you can use the service to legally download things. In this case we will use it for Linux.

Visit the website and do a search for what you are looking for. In my case I was looking for a Linux Distro.

The images below shows you a list of results. BTW – Never click on what is listed on the sponsor section. Whatever you are searching for the Sponsor Section will always list that they have it when in fact they do not.

Dave Mora .torrents

When you do a search. What you get is a list of sites that report to have what you are looking for.

Dave Moro .torrent

The results tell you the name of the site and allow you to click on the name of the site where you want to get .torrent link. Also, known as the Magnet Link. In theory when you click on the name it should take you the exact page where you can get the .torrent file.


Sadly, many of the sites you will be clicking on are making their money on Adult Ads. So, take your time to get familiar with those sites that do not use Adult Ads that offend you. Also, don’t blame me if you are looking for a Disney movie for your kid to download and you are presented with adult ads while your kid is next to you.

First of all – You should not be downloading Disney movies. 😛

When you arrive at one of the pages to get the .torrent file you will need for the Bittorent Client you already have installed on your computer. You will need to look for the link name Magnet or .torrent.

Some sites will advise you that you can upgrade to a premium service / use a better client. But, remember you don’t need to and they are simply trying to make money from their site.

Dave Mora .torrent

Once you save your torrent and depending on your browser it will open the Bittorent Client and load the torrent file to start downloading. If you don’t get that option just remember where you download it.

Go to that folder. Right click on the file > Go to Open With > Select Bittorent

Similar to what is shown below.

Dave Mora .torrent

It should now start the process of downloading the file complete file you searched for.

Dave Mora .torrent

So, what is so special about .torrent files? Well, unlike other Peer to Peer systems you are not getting the whole file from 1 person. In fact you are getting small parts of it from many people. And, the advantage of Bittorent is that the more people downloading it the faster everyone gets the complete file.

Remember to use technolgy for good. The more we use services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other ways of getting the content such as visiting the networks sites like to get your Jersey Shore fix. The easier it will be to knock down the wall that networks are slowly peeking over in embracing technology that will give us access to the content faster, easy, and legally.

If we have learned anything from iTunes. The moment you make it easier for me to pay you and get my content on the device I use. The less likely it will be for me to find other ways to get the content.

Biggest Example. I am willing to pay for the access to the UK BBC and even Australia TV to watch shows like Border Force 🙂 But, currently no system exist do so. The moment they make it easy for me to pay 10 to 20 dollars to view that show. Is the moment I will no longer consider other ways.

Now, that I hit published I wonder how long it will take for a knocking at my door and accused of teaching people to become movie pirates. If it makes anyone happy. I pay for Netflix, Huly, and Amazon prime and I don’t rip DVD’s. Well I only “Back them up”. 🙂

If you guys never hear from me. Well you can thank the MPAA and RIAA for that.