Big Lake and Little Lake we meet again

Big Lake and Little Lake are nickname given to the Laguna brothers growing up. Not only were they close friends of mine through out my school years they were my partner in crime.

Like everything after High School we all some went started our journey in life and we each had a separate road that took us further away from each other as years pass.

Flash forward to almost 8 years later came across Big Lake. Not on the street, not through a mutual friend, not on the bus, not even in the same city. I have had the same yahoo account since High School although I don�t use it on a day to day basis I do log in through the IM service just incase someone from my school years is looking for me. Sure enough I saw my old friends screen name �online�.

Many years later we come to find out we both are fathers, husbands, and missing the good old days.

I wonder who will be the next long lost school mate that comes across yahoo.

– Good Times