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Written by Dave Mora
On Sep 21 , 2014 for eUNKNOWN

Bengals play like the team I love!


For the few people that know me as a Bengals fan you know that I have been a Bengals fan for as long as you probably have known me. Just as you have known me being a Clippers fan for decades.

I am a sucker for underdog stories and that’s why my teams have always been a team that winning 2 games in a season was a good season.

This years my Bengals are 3-0 and they are playing like the team I always cheered my heart out for.

Seen teams go from bad to okay and now into a team that wins games it’s something I have to get use to and I have to not get so upset of those fans that fall into the “Bandwagon” categories. Just welcome them and understand that they will return once their teams do well again.

Andy Dalton is doing what the past red haired quarterbacks had trouble with. Start off with a winning season 🙂

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