Bengals I still Luv you.

So my Bengals lost. Although they lost they are still a good team. I know that next year they will come back stronger. I will just have to deal with all the Wagon Fans. Like many of you know I have been a Bengals Fans for many years. If things would have worked out I would have loved seeing Kitna lead the Bengals into the Super Bowl. After a good year a few years back the Bengals seemed they have the great momentum they needed although they did not make it into the playoff that year. The Bengals looked like a good team. But, then they brought in Palmer and the team looked it started all over again. They had a bad year the first year Palmer lead the team.

But, this year it seemed that had adjusted. I personally feel they should have given that year to Kitna. That is why I am not surprise when I see him wanting to leave the Bengals as he enters to be a Free Agent.

If by any chance you are reading this blog Kitna. (Highly unlikely) But, I hope Kitna sticks out out for another year just to see him lead the Bengals into the Super Bowl. I honestly think this can happen.