Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 03 , 2006 for Family

Baby Steps!


My daughter finally decided to give walking a try. She has been trying for a while. She would take 1.5 steps then she would fall and just crawl the distance.

So, when I was at work the Misses sends me a txt. Sadly, the last few weeks I been working some crazy hours. Almost 80 hours weeks 160 hours a paycheck, I was not home to witness this.

The txt message read

Ur baby [CenSoReD] walks.

I have had very few moments in life where I am overwhelmed by joy and true happiness.

Getting that txt message is one of them. So, from the moment I got that txt message the countdown began to when I would be getting home.

I amy long drive home the only thing I can picture is the Baby. I picture her playing with her blocks and then running to me as she saw me walking into the house.

So, when I got home she had this look like I am done walking for today. She did walk a little bit but she looked like a robot that could not bend her knees. She looked adorable. Then she killed me with her big smile from ear to ear. I am still wondering if she was happy to see me or that smile was because she was walking. Either way I had a father moment. Hard to explain but parents out their can relate I am sure.

-Super Duper Good Times I Tell You!

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