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Written by Dave Mora
On Apr 22 , 2008 for Family

Ascii Mora on Jumping Monkeys


As the geeks from my generation get older. We begin to start families. Most people would assume that my daugther will be a geek like her father. I mean she already makes my faces and has mastered the remote control. Although she is only 2 he mother and I (mostly her mother) try to expose to as many different things especially non geeky things. But, she appears enjoy technology.

I always enjoy watching her get a new gadget and figure out how to turn it on and off. That seems to be her first thing with any new gadget.

One program I can suggest where you can sit with you child is what I like to call the “PhotoShop for Kids”. TuxPaint is a simple and multi-platform application.

I encourage parents to check out the Podcast JumpingMonkeys.

I always thought I would be the one feature in a popular podcast or website but I guess my daughter has me beat on that one.

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