Not all the art is made in Photoshop

We are starting to live in an era where most of the art is created with multiple clicks and Photoshop layers. Now, I am not against that at all so please don’t think I am some kind of digital art hater. I am just starting to get jaded when people are no longer doodling on paper or even writing down their text.

Yes, I admit I hate letting go of the pass. But, I also always embrace the change. I guess part of me always feels that we can embrace the new without loosing the past. Because, sometimes I feel when we let go the pass we somehow start letting go of our selves.

So, I leave you with the video below and and take the time to see what wonderful art can still be created by hand and if you have kids I encourage you to take a moment and sit down with them on a table and simply spend 10 minute doodleling, coloring, or showing them your cursive handwriting – assuming you still remember how to do it 🙂